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      [I know this is a bit long, but it's the strangest experience I've ever had with lucid dreaming, I really want to know if any of you guys have experienced anything like this!]

      Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum, but I've been reading about and
      casually exploring lucid dreaming for about 5 years. I've always been
      interested in it, but I never really dedicated myself to it until now.
      I've been using a lot of techniques I've found on this website and
      other ones, and have started achieving maybe one or two dreams a

      Last night I had an experience unlike anything I've had before. I
      hadn't received any sleep the night before, and went to bed early,
      around 9 pm. [I usually use earplugs and a facial mask when I sleep,
      as a side note). After a while, I dozed off.

      Suddenly, I had what I can only think was a night terror. I heard a
      huge buzzing noise, and a feeling of panic worse than anything I've
      ever had before. I couldn't move my body, and couldn't see [I had a
      sleep mask]. My first thought was that I was experiencing a heroin
      overdose [which I don't use, so a bit non-logical], or I had been

      The feeling went away after about 10 seconds, and I found my entire
      body was still numb. I hadn't moved yet, and realized that I was still
      in some state of sleep. I became completely lucid, although I wasn't
      in REM sleep. What happened over the next few hours is what make this
      so bizarre. My mind wasn't tired, but for all practical purposes, it
      felt like my body was asleep. I couldn't feel my hands or my legs, and
      I didn't even know what position my body was in. I was relatively sure
      I could move if I had tried, but I didn't want to.

      Over the next few hours, I went through only what I can believe were
      different stages of sleep. I experienced REM twice, but never actually
      entered into a dream world. I had mild visuals, and could still move
      my real world eyes. It was strange, since when they were open, I
      didn't experience any twitching, only when I tried to close them. Each
      time the REM stage would start, I tried to propel myself into a dream,
      but couldn't. However, everything around me felt like it was moving
      [like I was on a huge massage chair, moving back and forth], and
      muscles would twitch systematically throughout my body.

      I could also hear music, from my roommate. I could barely hear it, and
      it would come and go, like it had static. I originally thought this
      was a dream also, but I verified later with my roommate that he was in
      fact playing music.

      I also found whenever I was nearing the REM stage, if I thought of
      anything scary, I got a full body chill, starting at the back of my
      spine. It was intense then any chill I have had during my waking life,
      and was quite interesting, since I could almost bring it on at will.

      What amazes me the most was that my mind didn't feel tired. I hadn't
      slept in ages, but my mind felt awake, if a bit confused and dull. I
      didn't have any of the tired feeling I had only a few hours ago. My
      entire body was numb, and only accompanied with twitches from
      different muscles at different times.

      Eventually I woke up entirely, and went back to bed. I had 3 non-lucid
      dreams later that night too, but nothing notable.

      I hadn't taken any drugs, prescription or OTC, in the past 48 hours. I
      hadn't drank in 48 hours. The only thing different was that I was
      sleep deprived when I went to bed that night.

      Have any of you experienced anything like this? It was just too
      strange to not share with people.

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      Sounds like sleep paralysis


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