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      Aight, in my dream my family and I were at the Ram (a resteraunt), and the waiter was totally overcharging us.
      We were pretty pissed off so we asked to see the manager.
      So a waitress (who's importance is signified later) takes us down to this brown dungeon sorta place where the manager is supposed to be. Suddenly, this suspense music kicks in the background...

      In this dungeon, we see this desk...a desk that has been making me scratch my brain all day.
      The waitress looks at the desk, then looks at me and says
      "Do you remember this, from your dreams?"
      And I get this scared look on my face and the music stops (as if to add suspense).
      Apparently, I remember it. But now it's like I know it, but I can't place it in a dream at all. It's so weird...

      Anyway, so I look at it and begin to wonder, "How is that possible? Is this a dream?" then I stop and say-
      "No, that's impossible..."
      But, since I do this whenever I see something out of the ordinary in the Real world I plug my nose and try to breathe out of them.

      You have no idea how awesome I felt when I breathed!!!

      So the dungeon transforms into a supermarket, and I look at my family, who's a little ahead of me, and they all turn to look at me.

      I begin to talk, (though no words come out...it was weird, I couldn't hear a word I said, but I knew I was talking)
      And I love what I said to them:
      "Hey, everybody! Uh, this is a dream, so I gotta go."

      I use the parking lot as a runway, and then lift off into the sky like a jet.
      It felt so REAL! I loved it...

      After flying for about 3 seconds, (a shame), my Lucid dream slowly reverts to a daydream, and suddenly I know that I'm awake, though I'm thinking about flying around like Superman.

      That transition from LD to RL was so smooth...but I loved it.

      This was my 3rd Lucid Dream, but the 1st to involve reality checks ^_^.

      Oh, but I did want to mention that waitress.
      It was as if my subconcious wanted me to become lucid, I'm amazed this DC was trying to "lucidize" me. Perhaps shew as created to be used as a tool for me? Anyway, it's all good, and I think I may have finally opened the door to Lucid Dreams.
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      Nice dream..
      About that waitress maybe you found your dream guide.. thats a special thing man..
      Pay more attetion next time,..
      here is a good thread about Dream Guides.. check it out.


      Good luck next time.


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