So last night I became lucid while walking around my childhood house. I remembered wanting to try something I had been planning for a while. I flew up past some clouds and bolted straight for the ground as fast as I could, intending to blast through into china..yes I know it's a cliche shaddap . So I'm just about impact and my dream slows down matrix style, I could see and feel each blade of grass waving in the wind, a ladybug going along and even pebbles of dirt beginning to touch my eyelashes as I came close. Things got suddenly fast again as I passed through the ground, I heard a very loud boom and, everything went black. I couldn't move an inch, I knew I had just woken up and was in paralysis so I laid still and entered a wild. I was now in my bathroom and kind of disappointed with my results so I wandered around to see what was to be seen, which was not much... My lucidity faded shortly after and I woke up. I'm kinda bummed about the results of this experiment and at the same time I really liked the effects before I hit bottom. I will succeed next time.