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      Ok so last night I had my first LD since i started trying to do it again (which was dec 25th). I have a few questions on how I obtained lucidity. It was quite weird.

      Here is the entry from my dream journal:

      "It begins with being in a airplane. It wasn't to much before I even sat down that it took, off and I remember saying that I barely sat down. It was a real small plane, and I could see and hear the pilot. We were traveling real close to the ground. Actually we were flying under a series of bridges, which surprisingly didn't make me that nervous, even know I don't like flying. Suddenly I the pilot started panicking and the plane came to a sideways hard hit to the ground. I remember thinking, that it didn't hurt that much, and I started puking. It was then that I realized that I was dreaming. It was like a sudden *BAM* and I became lucid. I stayed calm, which is why I assume that I didn't immediately wake up. I walked off the field into a city. I remembered to concentrate on things for a few seconds and then shift to another object and repeat. I could clearly see things get more vivid as I did this. I remember first trying to nonchalantly saying to myself as I turned the corner I would see my mother standing there. When I did, she wasn't I realized that even know I'm lucid it would take a while to be able to accomplish such task easily and right away. After which I thought to myself, lets fly. So I just looked around, raised my hands like superman and jumped, and I leapt into the air. I remember having to concentrate on not hitting the electrical lines. I flew around for a while, and I either lost lucidity, or I woke up, I don't remember. As soon as I woke up I remember the dream and wrote it down."

      Now I'm not sure how I became lucid, and how i became lucid was different than I remember. Before I remember once i'd become lucid, i'd try really hard to change something, and i'd be really excited and i'd wake up. This time I kept calm... I do remember now (after i wrote my dream down) that I recall things starting to lose clarity right away, and that i concentrated on certain things to return them to vividness.

      I'll mention a few points as well. I never puke. NEVER(only once within the last 10 years). So i though maybe after i was done i realized it cause its something i absolutely never do. Secondly I did listen to that Brainwaves Mind Voyage, so maybe that had something to do with it, and it was the first time that i listened to it. I intend to try it again, hopefully i'll LD two nights in a row. wait... I WILL LD two nights in a row Thanks for listening.

      My Dream Journal </span>

      "Dreams are today&#39;s answers to tomorrow&#39;s questions." ~Edgar Cayce

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      I would say you had a lucid dream because of your renewed drive to do so.
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