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      First of all, I'd like to say that i'm quite excited to have "Stumbled-Upon" a community of Lucid Dreamers. I try explaining my experiences to friends and family, but most of what i say is lost on them, and they come away thinking im just crazy, and with good reason i suppose. . I hope that at least a few of you will take the time to read this, and will be able to relate to my experiences, and will share your thoughts about the true nature of the experience. What does it REALLY mean that this is a facet of our consciousness?

      A little bit about me, I'm 20 yrs old, I live in Ohio, and I've been having lucid dreams for about 7 months now with tremendous and increasing frequency. My dream recall has become rather good and I remember at least 2-3 dreams almost every night, and I probably go lucid 3-4 days a week. I've gotten extremely good at WiLD's. I can go in and out of lucidity sometimes 6 and 7 times over a period of hours, and its like I close my eyes and ZAM with almost no delay, im thru the portal, which is usually accompanied by a falling sensation as i burst into the dreamscene, instantly Lucid.

      I've had an amazing array of experiences, but here are a few of the most outlandish in my eyes, in no particular order of ascension.

      One of the my first and strangest experiences with WiLD's that i've had is a sequence of dreams i had one morning where i kept finding myself in DIFFERENT scenes with the SAME PEOPLE... only, all of the characters in the dream were people i've never met before in my life, and whats more, they really bore no striking resemblence to anyone i could think of. But when i would enter the dream we would be hanging out as if i had known them forever. Now for the weird part. It was probably around the fifth WiLD of the morning, and the instant i go lucid, there is one of the characters from the previous dreams sitting across from me. Almost immediately, he says looking directly at me, "Man, you always show up at the weirdest times". Intrigued, i replied, "Really? like... what do you mean? I just appear out of thin air?". "No," he says, "You just show up at the most random times." As i pondered what this meant he asks me, "Where are you from?" Now keep in mind, i was supremely aware that i was lucid inside a "dream" and that in "reality" i was in my bed. So i reply, "Well man, I'm from another time and place." He takes me very serriously, and after a moment he looks down at the ground, "Man..." he says, shaking his head, "I bet most of the women don't know that!" This made me start to laugh, and as i pondered the implications of his statement, i awoke in my bed, utterly befuddled by what had just transpired, wondering... "where the fiz-uck had I just been?"

      Perhaps even crazier is this next sequence of dreams I had... So i had this really intricate and bizarre non-lucid dream that i remembered very well after awaking still early in the morning. The specifics are really unimportant and too weird to elaborate on, but basically I went back to sleep and it was like i was in Instant Replay Mode of the normal dream i had just had. I could STOP TIME, and rotate and move my perspective in any direction, move forward or backward in time, and while time was stopped I could move through Walls or anything in my way, but the minute I started Time again... Things became solid again. It was very very strange!!!

      After i started having LD's with increasing regularity I began searching for articles about the phenomenon online, and i came accross one that gave me a few suggestions of things to try after becoming lucid or to become lucid. The first one, Flipping a LIGHTSWITCH, i had actually done before in one of my first LD's after seeing the movie "Waking Life" (Directed by Richard Linklater, a definate MUST SEE for anyone experiencing LD's), I guess it's really more of a reality check, (which, btw, i almost never resort to... i usually just become lucid intuitively, or intentially through a WiLD). But nonetheless it was a pretty weird experience to have seen a Movie, detailing the effects of flipping a lightswitch inside of a dream, only to find myself in a dream doing just that.

      The next task i attempted involved finding a MIRROR. To date i have found a mirror 2 times. Each time with interesting results. The first time, I was looking at myself the mirror and noticed that my hair was short, nearly shaved, which it hadn't been for a couple years. Next i began to develope extra arms and legs, and finally, a second Head, much larger than the one on my shoulders appeared right in the middle of my stomach. Now at that point, it was getting weird and I tried to look away from the mirror... but I think i believed that i had taken the form of what i was seeing in the mirror, and i was rendered immobile. It got a little bit scary as I really started struggling to move, I eventually just had to wake myself up to escape the dream.

      The second Time I found a mirror, I tried climbing through it. When i started pushing on the surface of the mirror, it began to give, and felt as though i was pushing against and stretching a membrane (sorta like that gatorade commercial with peyton manning breaking out of the ball). I began noticing all sorts of crazy patterns and visuals and the further I pushed, the more intricate and intense the visuals became until finally everything went WHITE... THen the white faded away, and I found myself in the Kitchen of a very nice house, unlike any house i've ever been in (with no mirror in sight). Directly in front of me was a bowl of cereal with the milk and spoon already in it sitting on a countertop. It was a bowl of Raisin Bran... which is very strange to me, because i DO NOT EAT that type of cereal, but this bowl was delicious and i ate probably half of it before i suddenly lost lucidity and awoke.

      I had a sequence of WilDs just a couple days ago where I would find myself in a different House EVERY time i would start dreaming, and the houses kept getting nicer and nicer... nicer TV's, furniture, decor... lol, and strangely the food in the refrigerators, i was doing quite a good job raiding. One of the most striking things had to do with the labels of the products though... for instance, Hurley Beer... and Disney's "Shrek" Soda. I only which i would have stopped gorging myself with food long enough to look in a mirror or look for picture lying around...

      I had one dream that was a full blown OBE (out of body experience)... i was in a 3rd person view above and behind this black BMW that was racing around this track with all these other cars on it. Somehow i just knew that I was actually inside the car driving it despite my perspective. It was pretty much like playing the coolest racing video game ever, i could just be like... ok time for the Nos... and i would turbo boost past people as blue/green flames shot out from my dual exhaust.

      One time i became lucid standing beside this car on this country road. It was just a normal looking 4 door sedan, sort of like a ford taurus or something like that. Then I somehow turned it into this ultra-futuristic looking sports car. I then jumped inside at took off down this long straight road... going faster and faster... until i got going very very fast, and then all of the sudden All the colors got messed up, almost as if it had reverted to an 8-bit output of a video game that had experienced some sort of display error.

      Along this same line, i've been in houses and i'll walk up to some artwork on the wall, and begin to toggle thru all sorts of options until i find something I like... i'll stop and admire it for a moment... and then continue flipping through the infinite catalog.

      Some other skillz i've acquired within the dreamworld:

      LEARNING TO FLY was very fun. At first i would have to run and then jump forward putting my arms out and i could only fly parallel to the ground. After some practice though, i learned how go up and fly in all directions.

      Telekenesis, being able to move things with your mind is really fun. I can usually do this whenever i think about doing it, although one time it was really strange, and i could only do it after i used the enchantment "Ommm", Lol. Telekenesis while flying is even more fun!

      Watching TV in dreams is pretty interesting! SO is looking at your hands up close. I did it once when i was very aware of my lucidity and it was like ultra high definition dreaming... not only could i see the individual skin cells but also tiny green red and blue dots resulting from the sunlight refracting the light thru the water molecules in/on my skin... VERY COOl!

      And from time to time I like to get my groove on with the Ladies. What can I say I LIKE!

      Some things that i've attempted but havent been able to do quite yet 1) Throw a fireball 2) Total dreamscape transformation (except when i climbed through the mirror that one time).

      So basically What i would love to get out of this website/community are tips on maintaining lucidity for long periods of time. I usually get too excited about something that Im about to do and i'll wake up... which really sucks... even though most of the time i can get back to lucidity, I usually cant get back to that same scene and circumstances. And beyond all that, getting into discussions about the deeper significance of all this, and examining theories relating to ideas like Tangent univerises (Donny Darko), Quantum mechanics and things like astral projection.

      Anyway, I'm looking forward to your responses and to reading many posts from other members. I've already started checking out the tasks section which seems very interesting!


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      ya... sorry the post is soo long. But i've had a lot of experiences.

      I had like 3 WILD's this morning. I was at this waterpark/resort... and i basically just had sex with all these girls... then my next dreams I was playing soccer, and the goalie from the other team punted the ball into the sky soooooo high it never came down, and while i was looking up at the sky, this MASSIVE meteor shower started, it was quite beautiful.


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