dont recall much of the dream and it would be classified as nonlucid for those who classify such things.
but here is the important bit:
im swimming in a lake with a familiarity to it for some reason, dream felt very real and something brushes past me in the water, slimy, i felt it before i saw it i think crocodile but no- lo and behold its a giant frog! same size as a mans head, i swim to the shore only to find my clothes are crawling with more (smaller)frogs of the same species that all jump off my body and out of my clothes at this i wake or have one of those false awakenings not sure which i have so many,(but always can remember the ends of dreams whether they are awoken falsely or truly)
i have an interest in the natural world and have never heard or seen of giant oversized frogs before this dream,
about three days later i hook up myt tv for the firt time in months and the first night i have it on there is a new show on about a guy from uk (where i live ) who is travelling the world looking for species that are only known to exist in formaldehyde in the natural history museum in london and guess what hes off to look for?
giant saggy frogs in lake tanganika, suffice to say he finds them but not the big momma frogs that are the giants of the species- he alsmost is giving up when he goes for a last set of dives in the lake (by this point im gobsmacked as noone has seen or given a shit about this frog since jaques cousteau back in the day and i happened to dream about oversized amphibians just a few nights before) he finds the big lady frog eventually and is obviously chuffed to bits and is sitting back on his boat talking about it and how when he climbed out of the water from this last dive his wetsuit had collected more frogs and theyd jumped out of his suit when he got out of the water.
needless to say i had a stiff drink and a very fat spliff, a lot of my dreams have similar synchronistic tendencies and often not only reflect things that have happened to me but things and experiences that havent yet.
there is more to this dreamin lark than many dreamers of the most wonderful scenarios would care to admit.
note: this was a first showing of the show
note: noone has filmed this frog in modern times
note: i told my mum about the dream before i saw the show
note: im not shitting you honest
anyone else ever have similar exp?
would it work with lottery numbers you think? :yumdumdoodledum:
Telmatobius culeus, "aquatic scrotum" in Latin. or the saggy frog.