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      I had a weird experience last night. Induced lucidity at about 6.30 by WILD. Rather than going through a transition sleep paralysis period before dreaming as I usually do, I went straight into a lucid dream. This dream didn't last long but I didn't wake, was aware of lying in my bed in sleep paralysis, slightly nervous of waking up, all the time music was playing in my ears, so i concentrated on listening to it. After some time I went into a longer Lucid dream, that then faded and I went back into sleep paralysis with music and strange images of monkeys. Then another lucid dream came along, quite short, back into paralysis and then I awoke. My memory was a little vague on certain aspects of the dreams and the periods inbetween eg) what the music was and what the monkeys were doing. It was strange to have three dreams all in a row too.
      Anyone else had anything like this or know whats going on?

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      Hey congratulations on the all the lucids That was pretty cool! Whats even more cool is you did a WILD while having them which is an acomplishment in its self. So well done. I've had 3 lucids in one night before but they were all quite short.
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