lol this is my first lucid dream that lasted more than a minute...actually it lasted pretty long. ima just TRY to summarize this.

(Before Lucidity) I tried to break into my aunts house for some unknown reason. i proceeded to climb the wall to reach the roof. A group of dudes looked at me as I was climbing. i looked back at them, then continued climbing. I realized that she was inside the living room, so i jumped down & went inside the house. Apparently, she knew I was trying to break in because she started to ask questions. I told her that it wasnt me. This is when I realized that I was dreaming. So I purposely snapped outta my dream & woke myself up. After realizing my foolishness forgetting the concept of lucid dreaming, I tried to snap back into the dream (which i suceeded)

(Lucidity) At first, the scene was blurry until I focused my eyes on the wall in front of me. Seconds later, I wound up in a department store, making out with this thick white girl. A minute later, a fat, old white lady appeared next to me. Me & the thick white girl went to the middle of an isle & had sex for a short amount of time.
Next scene, I was in this office-like building with alot of rooms where I decided to search for my dream guide. I screamed "I wanna see my dream guide" out loud, then looked inside one of the rooms. I found a teenage white dude chilling on the right side of the room. I asked him if he was my dream guide. He replied with "I guess so.." So then, I asked him for my birthdate. He got the month & the date, but not the year. So i walked away further down the hallway. I screamed out the phrase again & looked inside another room. There was a little girl sitting indian style, playing with toys. I didnt even bother asking her (i shouldve...) So i started to run fast down the hallway, hoping to see someone when I turned the corner, but nobody showed....
Next scene, I was in a country-like environment, trying to catch this bus. I think i lost lucidity because the bus stopped to pick up some people then left. I reminded myself again that this was a dream & did a quick little focus at a forest on my left hand side. A quick wave flowed as i focused. Then I started walking, examining my surroundings. A large lake was on my right hand side (it was beautiful). I thought about waking myself up, but didnt happen. Then my roomate appeared and I asked him what day is it (in reality). He told me it was going on monday, I told him that it couldnt be monday & it was sunday. I then decided to see if i can throw fireballs. I did a ryu-like charge & release this round, red-like substance. It didnt go far though. I looked to my right & seen sub-zero coming up to me. I decided to throw an iceball. I hit him with it & he froze. I threw another fireball at him & burned his arm off (lol). I walked further & found this jamacian-like robot. I tried to throw a fireball at him, but it didnt effect him at all, so i wound up fist-fighting him. I threw a few punches, but blocked them. I finally landed a punch in his face, then elbowed him in the neck (lmao) I got tired of the dream & woke up.

well, there you have it...sry its so long lol...i need to focus a little more to make sure i can have control of my dreams. I found myself doing unneccesary quick focuses to stay in my dream, maybe i was losing lucidity at some points. meh, it was coo though, I knew i was dreaming the whole time..