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      Last night, i had a dream that i woke up and got out of bed. I opened my bedroom door and instead of seeing my sister's room thats across from mine, i saw a portal in the wall with buildings and stuff in it. Anyway, i realised at that moment it's not possible and became lucid. But the thing is, everytime i realise i'm dreaming, i always feel the vibrations and slow down, like unable to move very well even though i keep myself from getting excited. The vibrations keep waking me up!! Anyone got any ideas?

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      Im familiar with those vibrations. I attribute them to coming out of SP. When WILDing, I've read you feel them going into SP, but I never have. but I have felt them coming out of a dream once in a while.

      Next time your become aware, start rubbing your hands together and looking at them, feeling the heat generated. Relax at the same time. This should help keep the dream stable. It's the only method that works for me. But normally once I'm stable and doing "what I want" I forget to do it again and wake up. But at least I normally get 5-10 minutes of good LDs. Darn hormones win every time.. lol
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