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      An extremely weird oddity happened to me last time.
      I don't exactly remember the contents of the dream itself anymore (as I was thinking about the oddity more than the dream itself).

      Anyway, here's what happened:

      I went to bed, and started to sleep, I got my millionth DILD and had 100% feelings (both emotions & senses).
      So I remember that I ran into a cave, and after some time, I felt that I was almost going to wake up.
      Everything went blurry and I felt as if I was actually going to fade away and wake up, BUT here's the weird thing.

      A portal opened in front of me showing me my bedroom, as if I were to walk straight into my body (The view from the portal was from the bed where my head would lie.)

      I decided to walk away from it, and the blurryness faded away, and the portal vanished as well.

      Now I do recall the dream having nothing significant (else i'd remember my dream 100%) but the fact that this oddity (a portal opening when I feel that i'm about to wake up) occured a dozen of times.

      And as I walked away every time I managed to stay asleep.

      Now as this is the first time I encountered a PORTAL as means of waking me up WITHOUT me invoking it, struck me as odd.

      I guess you could call it a sort of Dream sign, to stay asleep, rather than to become lucid.

      I haven't had any portal appearances since that dream, but I might try to get one again though, just to see what happens if I step through.

      If anyone sees this more fit in Lucid Experiences or Beyond Lucid Dreaming, feel free to move it.
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      *moved to lucid experiences*
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      wow that sounds interesting, i will have to see if a portal for me opns up to.

      What if you opened a portal to a friend's dream.
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