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      So I realized why I had never been able to get consistent dreams with only 6 hours of sleep. I never raised my energy levels first before going to sleep. Some how I remembered and I did it last night.

      For some reason once again my mind was talking too my other mind. This has happened before but this time it was talking about jeans,and I found it kind of annoying every minute waking up and hearing jeans and seeing images of cloth and stuff.

      Anyway after waking up about 6 times in the middle of the night and falling right back to sleep I became lucid. All I know it was the most vivid dream ever. I could see ultra clear, I could hear, smell, everything was so real that I was stunned.

      I was in the air hovering by a lamp post above a busy 8 lane street. I swooped down and actually felt that gut feeling which felt pretty good, an I landed perfectly on the ground. I then walked in the street trying to fly on this huge 50 ft dump truck. For some reason I could never fly longer than 2 seconds, but today I felt something and did it and I was flying high in the sky me dream also became more vivid. I stopped whatever I was doing and it caused me to land again. The big truck was about to ram into me so I manage to remember what I did and I began to fly above the truck.

      2 minutes later, somehow not sure if by force or in person my father said there is one way that you can die in a lucid dream. In my head I'm confused, he was saying something but I was so confused that I woke up right away. When I did though I felt everything and seen everything that happens when you wake up from a lucid dream. So here I am awake and wondering what it is my father was going to say. I go back to sleep so I can lucid dream againn, it was just about to happen until I heard a voice and jumpped up. I wake my brother up telling him something about lucid dreaming. (Had to do with my father and what he was saying) I'm sitting there thinking I'll never be able to Lucid dream again because there is something that will kill me...

      An then my mother wakes me up, I go in the shower and I realize I was already awake how did I just wake up again. I then realized I had lucid dreamed within a dream. Funny thing is I would've did the whole lucid dream inside my false awakening if not for the voice. I was kind of excited about the dream and kind of pissed because my lucid dream was so vivid and it didn't seem like it would be fuzzy for a long time.

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      Wow it sounds like you had a really awesome LD. I haven't had one quite so vivid like this. You seem to have good control. Yah you must be wary of FA's I get them alot as well, its a good idea to do an RC every time you "wake".Anyway, good job and keep it up
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