Er, well, I'm copying and pasting this from my online journal because I don't remember it well enough to just type it up again. Sorry about the rambling nature. This is the longest lucid dream I've had in a few months.
So, I woke up about 6:30 and reset my alarm clock for 7:30. I woke up completely though, before I fell back asleep, which is probably what brought this on.

At first it's just a normal dream. I'm going to meet this chick at this amusement part. I can see her in the distance, and I see she's wearing a coat. I'm all like "shit, man, I forgot a coat" So I like teleport to this cell. I'm still partially in my previous dream, in which I was an outlaw of some sort who kept getting locked up in cells. A swarthy fellow. But on the door of his cell, in this dream, I can read his name...the initials were Z.A. and his first name was really long and weird. I can't remember. People have been getting names in my dreams recently, which is weird, but beside the point. So, I grab the coat I left in ZA's cell and teleport out again. I find myself on my grandma's porch, and there are a ton of people practicing kendo. I recognized some of them from my Japanese class. Standing on top of the wall are two people, a man and a woman. The man is hitting the woman on the rear with his kendo sword thing. She looks bored, and I can hear that she's wearing some kinda armor so she can't feel it. (As a note, wtf is wrong with meeeeeeeeeeeeeee). It makes a knocking sound. Some people are hardcore doing drills, and some are milling about. I go back to meet the woman, and again I realize I've forgotten something. Once again, back to the cell. Then, back to my grandma's porch from there, which is where it goes lucid.

There's something creepy about lucid dreams, how everything always seems to be badly lit, like it's dusk or we forgot to turn the lights on. I've had a lucid dream in this location before...which is probably what trigged me, what made me realize I was dreaming. Because in that previous dream, I kept leaping off the porch (it's really high) and seeing what happened. I would like fall and stop before hitting, or I'd fly or whatever. When I saw the empty porch this time, I was all getting ready to leap off, and then I thought something like "It's ok because it's just a dream."

So, I get ready to do the jump, and I'm hovering or something before falling and my glasses fall off. I'm all like OH NO NOT MY GLASSES and I concentrate and instead of breaking, the glasses split into two seperate pairs of glasses upon landing. So then I do my fall and stop just before landing, which is a cool feeling. I pick up one of the glasses, put it on, and start walking a bit. The layout of the dream is somewhat similar to reality--my grandma's house, the huge hill, my cousin's house accross the hill...except, off in the distance, in the direction of my own house, I know for a fact that the amusement park is there and that chick is waiting.

But, when I start walking, I see my cousin (actually a second cousin) or someone who kinda looks like her and is her, but not exactly. I give her a hug (she's wearing a coat as well--tan colored, kinda rain-coatish). She is also, but not exactly, the person I was trying to meet at the amusement part, but not exactly.

We walk off towards what should be her house, and kinda is, but not exactly. The layout is similar, but my cousin's house is suddenly directly next to the road (on the wrong side) and accross the road, there are vending machines. I blame my time in Japan. The road is more like...a bike path or something, not wide enough for cars.

Now, a bright red cardinal flies out of the door to the house, and goes to where the vending machines are. I'm kinda sad, because I know that if it has that much freedom, it must've had its wings clipped.

The door is different...there are bars on it, kinda like it's another cell door. There's someone on the other side of the door, and I want to talk to them.

But, my alarm goes off, prematurely ending what was turning out to be a very cool lucid dream. I wish I'd thought to talk to the bird, but I'm still new at this.