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      ~dreaming of lucid too?

      ~i seem to be having the same problem as some others...i had a dream last night and i can't tell if i was actually lucid or just dreaming that i was...i fell asleep telling myself that i "would have a lucid dream" to be positive and all...also asked myself once more if i was dreaming...in my dream, i remember being w/ my friends and feeling like we were exploring my sudconcious b/c i was dreaming and we could do whatever we wanted...i remember thinking at different points of the dream, about things ppl have said on here like how the dream world is for experimentation and problem solving...i did ask myself if i was dreaming when i saw these ppl w/out their heads that were still alive b/c i figured it was a dream sign b/c it made no sense...i also tried spinning frequently just to make sure i had a good "grip" on the dream...but all the while, i felt sorta outta control and like i was only dreaming but other times i would think of something i wanted to do & just do it but still felt a lil bit "dreamy" and would get frustrated when i couldn't always do what i wanted to do...i don't know...what do you guys think?
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      If you knew you were dreaming, even if the dream was vague or/and you had little/no control, it's still a lucid dream. However, it's possible that you were semi-lucid.

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      i get the same feeling sometimes when i cant remember my ld really well

      i think it is because my recall has declined cuz i stopped writing my dreams down

      i need to get back in the habit of recording them again .


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