last night i dreamt i drove my car into a canal, by accident, but by the way it happended i knew it was far too elaborate to be real life, so i instantly knew it had to be a dream.

i was getting a bit worried so i tried to wake myself up- i normally shake my head about in the dream and this wud do the trick, but i tried it about 3 or 4 times and i couldnt wake up.

i started to get worried cus I was really really hoping it was a dream becuase my car is "works car" and i was dreading the consequences of driving it into a canal. but beucase i cudnt wake up i thought it must be real! which is a real shame becuase later i saw at least 3 women who i could have at least looked at them a bit more friendlier

anyway i finally got awakened by my alarm, to my relief, but i was pretty stressing trying to find a way to get the car out, cus i knew all my wallet and RAC details were in the car..

Weird ah