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      best lucid dream yet :D

      Ok so its like 2pm here and i woke up at like 1pm and just stayed in bed, then i fell asleep and I had this dream my dad was yelling at me for not having a summer job yet, then I was in my room and I saw these big pink dinosaur shaped pillows on my coat rack and I was like wtf that cannot be real, holy crap stephen! YOUR DREAMING! so i run over to my door and I loook at it any my walls get all shiny and this little pattern forms and flashes all over it then i kind of jump and float up then Im like YES THIS IS WONDERFUL and I float down and take a running leap out my closed window and I slide through it and land on the ground and I am running up my street and Im like FLY and it didnt work then I jump and yell TO INFINITY AND BEYOND (buzz lightyear lol ) and I start to fly and I take one arm and point it forwards with 2 fingers and I am zooming across a gigantic field, I end up getting scared when I see low flying electrical wires and I guess I was starting to lose lucidity a bit and I landed and started to walk and opened my eyes and I am back in my room well its for real now but this was a great experience, this is me second non purposful ld, and I had 2 in 1 night on purpose before, but I was scared and they only lasted a short time

      Oh yea I also tried closing my eyes and imagining I was somewhere else but it didn't work I hope this keeps up so I can go meet my dream woman again
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      nice LD!

      Electrical wires usually knock me out of the sky


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