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      Car Accident

      I was driving on my way to Fresno from Los Angeles to visit my Aunt. I had a towel wrapped over my neck. I must have dosed off on the freeway or something but the towel turned into my blanket and covered my whole face. Before this happened I could see the freeway vaguely and I was driving on the lines. I was a little scared because I was afraid I might fall off the freeway. Then after the blanket covered me I thought for a while that I was driving still like on autopilot. I started to take off the blanket and it took me forever to get it off. Finally when I did I put it behind me in th back seat. I saw that the cars next to me were going at the same speed as me and that I was ok. Except that the guy next to me had his door TORN off and he was driving. I thought that I had bumped into him and that we were going to the police station to report me.

      There was a grassy hill that went down and I decided to excape by driving away toward the hill so that I wont get in trouble. I drove my car and then. I went above several parked cars and then I went on top of one. My car hit it and then it turned on its trunk to the ground and the engine pointing to the sky. I freaked out. I didn't know what to do. I totaled my car. People started coming I think. FINALLY, after all these hints....I questioned my self if I was dreaming. I still didn't believe it was fake.

      I tried to fly and I went like high like on the moon. Then I became skeptical that I was in the real world. I then had people surrounding me to pick me up and THROW me in the air. I wanted to fly higher.

      I must have slipped out of lucidity because I still didn't know what to do about my car. I picked up my cell to call my aunt. I wanted to tell her that I got into an accident. At this point the scenery changes to my los angeles house. My aunt is sitting on my couch when I call her. I told her that I had bad news. I crashed my car. She asked me what I needed to do about it. I still don't realize that I am dreaming.

      Then the door to my backyard started opening and closing. I thought what the hell is going on. I lifted my hand and started swinging it. The door followed back and fourth. I went ot the tv and pushed my hand toward it in the air. The tv turned on and off. My mom started to close the door. I asked her how am i doing this. I realized that I was dreaming again. She tried closing the door. Then I pulled my hand back like Superman and the door opened. Several people came to help my mom close the door. I simply overpowered them. I moved my hand to the right while I was at a distance from the door and hte door went back. They couldn't stop it. It went so far back that it broke off the hinge and then it fell to the ground. Crushing one of the people trying to stop me from opening it. The glass shattered on him but he was still ok.

      I walked outside and looked at my watch. Each time I looked at it the time was different. I was with my aunt. I yelled "STOP REAL TIME NOW" but the time kept changing. I kept yelling for anohter 4 or 5 times. I closed my eyes and opened them. I wanted the clock ot say 12pm. but each time I opened then the time changed. Gradually the scenery faded and I woke up. 8)

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      xD..That sounds interesting..xD.......That gives me a idea for a next lucid dream...Since I've flew...I need to make a car fly! XD.....But..o.o.....I don't know how to dirve.....Eh...It'll be a car that I can just hink what I want it to do... .....I wonder what the dC of your mom would of said about the superman thing? xD


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