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      Music Video Lucid Dream?

      anyone experience being in their favourite music video, favourite artist?

      How was it?

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      I don't think I'd even want to meet a music artist in my dream...because it's like...not really them. nah, not something I'd want to do.

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      my buddy told me about one of his first lucid dreams. i remember asking him about it because i found a scrap of paper on his desk that said "walking loud music can't get out." i thought that was funny. anyway, he said he was walking someplace and he became lucid, then he wanted some grateful dead and it started booming loud to him, then he said he was unnerved because he couldn't wake up.

      i've found sound is a pretty easy thing to control in a LD. i've screamed so loud in a LD before that there were shock waves. cool thing is that no matter how loud your music or whatever is, no hearing damage! haha.

      in my last LD I randomly did a digital watch RC and discovered i was dreaming. I then flew outside where there were storm clouds everywhere. next i stirred a giant invisible spoon that went to the clouds in a circle and they started swirling around until a hole opened and you could see blue sky and a few white clouds beyond. i floated on my back and felt satisfaction because i never really look at the sky in dreams. then i hit a weed pipe and decided i'd like to howl like a wolf. it sounded just like the nature channel. pretty fun. i'd like to try music next.
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      had a lucid dream last night

      and i was in a fair

      i did some cool stuff

      - i jumped into a britney spears music video that was playing on tv
      - i threw a kid into the television
      - i threw another kid into
      - i successfully spun around to prolong my dream
      - i thought to myself i am dreaming what do i want to do first(instead of mindlessly doing things)
      - i thought about my old dog and how i wanted to see him (dog was the wrong color but close enough)
      - had a False awakening

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      If you watch VH1 and find out more what they are like, maybe read some books on them, watch some documenteries on them...then you might know more what they are like so it will be better meeting them in your lucid dream
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      awhile back had an LD where i called some music to play, suddenly my mum and these two statues (they were cool but unerved me alittle in dream because i had bought them to life) started dancing around following me, when i woke i couldnt remember the music-darn.

      one of the dreams from my childhood that i always remember is one that was entirely music vidioish, only the song was sad and longing and the visuals made me kinds nostalgic(weird because i was a kid) but it was a powerfull dream, even now i can almost hear the song but its still to far away to grasp.

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      I had a dream where I went into a friends backyard , but it turned into a Slipknot concert. I was standing on "stage" (which was the deck) and all I could see was a sea of people, going as far as I can see. Meawhile Slipknot was rockin' on stage.


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