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      Foretold Death by dream?

      A little over a week ago i had my first lucid dream, by using WILD, which seems to be the easiest technique for me to use. A few days later when i tried again with WILD it worked. After having two lucid dreams by trying both times i decided i'd try the next night. Anyway these past few days have been hard entering hte dream state, i stay in hypngogic imagery too long and expreience alot of vibrations, and its hard to enter the dream state(without being aware of my sleeping body). Anyway last night i tried WILD again and held through all the vibrations and waited for the dream state to come. I could see scenery and was aware of my dream body, but also my sleeping body. After about 10 minutes i was still aware of my sleeping body and an angel came down and told me it was my time. I was afraid to go because i thought mabye i had died while sleeping so i was kind of hesitant to go. I felt myself being lifted out of my sleeping body and pulled behind the angel. I was surrounded in white and god was talking to me. It felt as if i was getting a second chance, becuase i opened my eyes at a funeral, my funeral. There was snow on the ground and i remember getting up and sitting in the snow. I didn't seem to be any older, but it was in sort of a cartoon vision when i was in the snow. I remember standingup and it was summer again, it was a nice day. I told the colors and the vision to change to normal and it did, so now everything was clear and bright. Then i pretty much followed the dream as it went which was basically a normal lucid dream, but instead of doing my own thing i followed the dream while lucid. The dream was over pretty fast and it didn't really seem like much. Thats not what im concearned about. Was my dream really a second chance to get into heaven, was that really God i was talking to, was that an angel, was that just my iner concoiusness telling me to shape up, was it predicting my death in the winter? If anyone has had any expreiences like this or may know what happened feel free to post it. Thanks.
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      Re: Foretold Death by dream?

      Originally posted by Football86
      was it predicting my death in the winter?

      Yes, yes it was...

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      Yesterday I posted a concern I had where I had a dream that I died. Go to http://www.dreamviews.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5112 and read what O'nus said, it makes a lot of sense.

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