Ok, in my hello-post I said I would keep you guys posted when and if there was any progress. I guess itís about time. Actually I havenít been too serious about LDíing yet, as between holidays and nightshifts at work, my sleeping pattern is all screwed up. But hereís my story for the past 3 days:

Day one:
Iím flying at high-speed down the road of a big city. The scenery starts to fade, and somehow I realize it must be a dream. I start to spin around while flying, but I wake up seconds later. Itís my first dream I can remember ending. (and I know "spinning" is usually not flying at high speed turning around youself )
Lucid time: ~30 seconds (semi-lucid).

Day two:
Iím sleeping inÖ woke up over noon, but was really tired so decided to just stay in bed for a while. I was lying on my back with eyes closed, and suddenly I couldnít feel the bed anymore. I was floating in darkness and then out of nowhere landscapes began to appear around me. I was still horizontal, but suddenly I could feel gravity pulling my feet to the ground, and I was in a dream world. For the first time ever I had gone directly from waking to a LD. AmazingÖ I wandered the streets of an old city. The colors started to fade, and I rubbed my hands together to try and stay lucid. It worked. I knew I was dreaming, but I guess I wasnít 100% conscious about it, because I didnít really know what to do. I rang the doorbell of a house, and talked a bit with a girl inside. Then I woke up.
Lucid time: 2-3 minutes.

Day tree:
It was very late before I went to bed last night, so again I was sleeping to the afternoon.
I find myself in an old bedroom of a strange house. I already know Iím dreaming. I notice the numbers of an alarm clock, and for the first time I really pay attention to how screwed up the numbers are, even though itís only a quick glimpse. Iím walking down the hallway, and remember something I read here on DW before going to sleep. So I shout out ďReal time freezeĒ and ďDream time speed upĒ. Shortly after, the colors begin to fade, and quickly I start to focus on my hands rubbing them together. Everything comes back, and Iím really pleased it works.

Next thing I remember Iím in a shop of some sort. I had promised myself that when I would become lucid I wouldnít waste my time on sex. But the sweet girls in the shop obviously didnít care about that. But it was amazing, so they are forgiven . Strange thing though, often the girl I was with would disappear into thin air, and I would have to get another one to come join me. Good thing there was a lot at work that day...

Now Iím walking down a path with 2 DCís. Iím trying to fly, but canít really manage to stay airborne. Actually it seems like the 2 DCís are doing way better than me. My best attempts is to run and throwing myself with my feet first. Then I fly for a while just above the ground, but would land after a short while. I discover some air currents that will lift me up if I jump into them. This way Iím getting some altitude, but then I find myself under the roof of a classroom. Iím 2-3 floors up, and thinking if I can get to the top and jump Iíll either fly or wake up when I hit the ground. So I start to ďdigĒ my way through the roof. The teacher in the class is really upset that Iím destroying the roof, but the pupils agree that itís probably just me dreaming anyway.

When I get out, I have completely forgotten about my intentions to fly. IĎm in a big garden, and decide to try and do some magic. I manage to cast some thin lightning out my finger, but because of strong wind it blows away. I also try to conjure some energy balls, but fails. Then I see a chubby Chinese guy on a moped watching me. He conjures 3 small energy balls in his hand and gives them to me. They are very beautiful. Now Iím able to make my own. Iím sitting next to a big tree trying to practice my magic. But every time I make some energy balls appear they are blown away like soap bobbles. I shout out ďwind, stop blowingĒ but it doesnít work. Then I can hear the Chinese guy behind me saying ďHeís already becoming quite adeptĒ, like he was talking to somebody else. Then I could hear him ordering the wind to stop blowing, to help me out. But just as he did that, I could hear my phone ring. I just had time to think ďdammit, that will surely wake me upĒ, and then I woke up.
This was by far the best and most conscious LD I have ever had. I was very sad to wake up like that. Would have been fun to see just how long I could have managed to stay LDíing if the phone hadnít woken me up.
Lucid time: Hard to say, but Iím guessing about 30 minutes.

Iím really glad that IĎve found a way to prolong the dream, when itís about to stop. So far, rubbing my hands has had a 100% success rate. Now I just need to find a way to become lucid, as it seems all tree times happened spontaneously. I can't really find any dreamsigns, so I guess it's ok if it just keep happening like that

But these experiences has really motivated me to be more serious, and to keep dreamjournal and everything. I'm just a happy dreamer right now :bravo: