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      Lucid False Awakenings

      A'hoy hoy,

      Lately I have been attempting to become lucid within false awakenings and have only succeeded a select few times.. It's a very interesting setting to become lucid within.

      The kind of false awakenings I mean, however, are when you "wake up" in a dream, but you are still dreaming (instead of actually waking up and thinking you are dreaming).

      I, of course, always falsely wake up in my room and have been able to become lucid in this state lately. This is interesting because the false awakening is not a dream-manifestation of dream-thoughts; it is just your reality in the dream world.

      When I first did this, select things were different: psychology books replaced with business and computers, posters were different, my "111" symbol is gone, I am wearing jewellry, etc. Many little things slightly different to, essentially, make a different "me".

      When I tried leaving my room, though, I just entered darkness and woke up soon after.

      This makes me wonder what the lucid false awakening was.. It felt different, more "real" than dreams. Some might theorise it is astral travelling at it's finest.. and that I entered another realm.. what do you think? Should I elaborate..?

      Hope I have been enlightening.

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      Wow Please Tell me more

      Hello O'nus

      I find this experience to be a rather interesting one, I would like if you could elaberate telling me anything else you might of experienced. Such as being provided with information you were not aware of before the dream.

      Lol.. thanks

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      False awakenings are a lot easier to become lucid in than normal dreams. I think you are a lot more aware of stuff plus since your normally in your house its easier to notice things out of place. Problem is if you don't notice right away your back to normal dreaming.

      I think when you "wake" up in the false awakening, you also "wake" into a higher level of consciousness, closer to being awake than you normally are when dreaming.

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      I've had one lucid false awakening and it was during one of my lucid dreams. I remember it to be the most vivid lucid dream i've had yet. I had a really hard time beliving that it actually was a dream and preformed many reality checks. It was so real that i ended up losing lucidity in a matter of minutes. I actually walked down the road instead of flying it was so real. I'm trying to figure out how to get them to happen more often.
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