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      Dreaming that you're sleepy + another shot at WILD

      I had a very strange night - or, I should say, a very strange morning.

      I gave WILD a serious shot again. I used the tips in this thread: My steps to WILD. Same troubles as always: 1) It takes a while to get back to sleep 2) every time I'm about to fall asleep I accidently wake myself up 3) go back to 1 ad nauseum.

      I did eventually fall asleep. But, I remember waking and wandering through my room for a moment, then going back to bed. Since the instructions in that thread said I might still have a false awakening, I decided to try a reality check even though I was pretty sure I was awake. So, I looked at the clock (my RC of choice). My vision was so blurry that I had trouble reading the numbers, but I looked at it and looked away and checked it again, and it looked about the same to me. Besides, at the time I felt really sleepy, and I figured if I were dreaming, I wouldn't feel so tired. I went back to bed.

      Right now, I'm pretty sure (not 100%) I dreampt the whole thing. A couple reasons: 1) if I was awake enough to get out of bed, I'm pretty sure I'd be awake enough to read the very large numbers on my digital alarm clock and 2) I think remember the room being dark, but when I went back to bed to try at WILD I'm pretty sure the sun was already out enough so that it should have been fairly bright in my room.

      In spite of that, I still have my doubts. I may really have been so tired I couldn't read the clock, or I might not have really put much effort into it. The room might have been brighter than I remember. I thought for sure that to be sleepy I'd have to be awake!

      There's also the fact that I had another very strange experience: my DVD player came on by itself and woke me up playing Orbital (I use my DVD player for cds these days). I'm pretty sure that actually happened, but at the time it was so strange that I almost thought that I must surely be dreaming. I tried an RC by reading the track time on the face of the DVD player, and it didn't seem to be doing anything funny. Also, when I woke up, my Orbital cd was in fact in the player, and I doubt I'd remember that in a dream (or at all, I had no idea what I'd last listened to). I remember the sun being out as well...

      Still, there's the lingering fact that I really have no idea how the DVD player could've turned itself on. I've only got two guesses 1) possibly the cat turned it on by stepping on the remote, but I think she was on the bed at the time and I can't find the remote right now anyway and 2) there was a brief power outage this morning and I think that might've somehow turned it on.

      Well, I can't tell for sure what's real or not anymore. With any luck I'm awake right now and I didn't waste my time typing all of this...

      Here's a ninja. I await your response.

      "...all life is only a set of pictures in the brain, among which there is no difference betwixt those born of real
      things and those born of inward dreamings, and no cause to value the one above the other. " H. P. Lovecraft

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      I just experienced my first taste of blurred reality... it must've been the same time you experienced this, SS.
      So, I clean my fish aquarium every week or 10 days or so...I just cleaned it this past sunday. After finishing I realized the second snail died out of the three I originally had (one died awhile back). So I decided to keep the shells in there for fashion purposes 8) This morning when I woke up I didn't immediately recall any dreams. But, then I looked at my tank and noticed the second snail had moved... hrmm I didn't think anything of it really. Anyway, that turned out to be a dream. When I really did wake up, again, I didn't immediately recall anything. But throughout getting ready for school, I remembered one dream that I won't bother describing... then I looked at my fish aquarium and the second snail was back in its original position...that sparked my recall of the memory of it having moved.
      Sounds like it could be coincidental...but being very observant, I'm telling you the snail is dead! And there's no way my fish (it's just a young beta) could've moved it back and forth clear across the aquarium, besides, it's back in the exact same position...which is upright by the way...an unlikely way for it to just land.

      Anyway, I don't know what to tell ya, SS...it's a strange thing to experience for sure though...


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