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      Strange wind

      The other night i was having several dreams that were very good but the last one ended very cool. It was like someone was trying to open the door to the place i was at and for some reason i didnt want to let them in so i struggled to keep the door shut but i couldnt. I kept trying and a great force resisted. So i just opened the door and decided not to fight it. And let it in. What seemed like a great wind picked me up extremely fast and i started flying it was very cool. Then i dropped down real fast and ended up looking at myself asleep in bed. I walked over to my desk and picked up a pen and wrote my name on a piece of paper like 3 times but it kept changing into unreadable characters.

      Then i had another one where i was in a big hotel that was old and made from wood. There were cool paintings on the wall. I noticed a small statue on the floor and moved it without touching it. I was fully in control of it, moving it with my mind. It was cool then some guy came around the corner and looked like he wanted to harm me so i sent the object flying at him and then the wind came and took me to some strange place.

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      hey, that's really cool..

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