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      Alternate Universes in Your Dreams...

      Have you entered a completely different universe in your dreams, one where they could be just a small difference between their world and yours? Or maybe it was a enormous difference between those realities, and maybe they're even fighting each other. Are they even human? Do they have technology that is better then ours? Do they have technology at all? These are questions that I look to answer when I travel between realities in some dreams. Last night I got a glimpse of a bizarre reality where civilization seemed to go slower than our own, despite the fact that they had laser cannons and cool communication systems that were more sophisticated than our satellites. The world seemed bleak and totalitarian to me, and seemed to be a dystopia that was hard to describe as a whole. Still, my presence there seemed to affect the plans of that world, since they were all looking for me for some reason. The dream ended with a giant starship entering their reality and attacking everything, which I assumed to be from my own world.

      So...what experiences in alternate worlds have you had in your dreams?
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