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      I had my first semi-lucid dream last night!

      I just had my first "semi" lucid dream last night! I don't know whether it was lucid or not. I certainly felt like it was lucid, because in the dream I was thinking I had control over it. But just because I thought I was lucid dreaming I don't know if it actually was. Perhaps it could be considered as a practice lucid dream.

      I don't remember too many details about it, but the semi-lucid dream was about sex. I was having sex with a blond haired woman, but the sensations I felt something but I didn't really feel much. Maybe my mind just considered it as a practice run for more vivid and better lucid dreams later on. It was quite short too. Not a really big epic lucid dream and I have trouble remembering it but still it was something to be proud of.

      I am quite excited.

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      Congrats! Though if you knew you were dreaming, then you were lucid, but that might be what you are unsure of. I don't know what technique(s) you're using, but if you keep at it, I'm sure you will have a "full" lucid dream soon.

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      JulianKC52, lucid dreaming is merely the "awareness" that you are dreaming WHILE you're dreaming.

      Lucidity has nothing to do with "control" (meaning that you can be in a lucid dream.. but still not be able to affect any changes) nor duration (it can lasts hours or no longer than a few seconds). .

      Did you ever say (or think) to yourself, "I'm dreaming" and, once having said/thought that, BELIEVED it to be true? If so, then you were definately lucid.

      Next time, if you're in doubt, do a "reality check". The reality check that has never failed me is the "plug my nose and see if I can breathe" reality check. It never hurts to do your favorite reality check a couple of times or even do two different ones.. just to really convince yourself!

      Good luck with your future lucids!

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      I had a smiliar experience last night. I was aware I was dreaming but went along with the dream without questioning it and so it felt like, as you say, a false lucid.

      I also had a similiar style of dream and I know why I had that dream and why I became lucid during it. I refrained from any activities before I went to bed, you know the type . Perhaps its the same for you, I shan't intrude and ask but if it is you now know your key for getting lucid. I had mixed emotions when I found my key. At first I was happy but then I was like CRAP! no hanky-panky!

      Anyway, thats enough babble from me, just thought I'd share incase you were looking for an answer.


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