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      Semi lucid and two questions.

      Last night (i.e. a few hours ago ) I had a lucid dream with very low vividness. I can't recall all the details, but I think it started in some kind of "horror" format, with some small boy scared for his life. We entered this bus, and saw some other boy who looked half rotted/bloating (I know ... ) and for some reason I know I was dreaming.

      To cut a short story shorter, I decided to use a power I'd always fancied using: phasing. I often imagine what it would be like to phase in "reality", and when phased out of the bus through its back window, I found it rather easy, despite the nagging fear that I wouldn't be able to do it, as I both know my times in a lucid state tends to be painfully short, and I also know that members of this forum often state how they have trouble acting omnipotently. Nevertheless, I successfully phased through the window, but then found myself transported to a very dim room. I recalled that some people say that rubbing your hands or spinning can help maintain a lucid state, and even increase its clarity (I actually think I heard someone yell it at me). I attempted to spin (as I couldn't find my hands, as strange as that might sound ... ) but I just couldn't get my body to move. It was shortly thereafter that I remember waking up ...

      This brings me to my questions: First, do you often find that in a lucid dream something that you have imagined many times before and actually pictured yourself doing is easier to achieve in a lucid?

      Second, how on earth do you "spin" in a lucid dream?
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      Keeper, for me it usually just takes practice; no matter how many times I visualize what I want to do, I've got to try several times in a lucid before I'm actually able to do it. (I'm not a good "visualizer", however, so maybe you are better.) You did pretty good; you did manage to phase yourself, so you'll be able to do it again.

      And for spinning--you just do it, it's hard to describe. I haven't really tried that many times; I don't usually remember to do it, but sometimes it works and sometimes not. When it works, you feel like you are spinning around really fast, faster than you could IRL. When it doesn't work, it just doesn't. I don't know how else to explain it.

      I know that's not helpful advice, but I just wanted to let you know that these things don't come easily to me either. Just keep practicing--if there's something you really want to do, eventually you will be able to do it.

      It's hard to stay in the dream when you get to that point where you're about to wake up. Focus on detail, if you can see anything at all; if everything goes black, try to visualize the last thing that you saw, and it may come back.


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