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    Thread: In Awe!!

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      In Awe!!

      I don't know if I can describle this clearly, but I'll

      I was dreaming about all my friends at a party, it seemed

      All of a sudden I was standing outside, the sun wasn't

      out but, it wasn't dark. It was just yellow and the

      trees were so green. Then I realized that I was

      consciously thinking. I felt like my eyes could move in

      any direction and I wouldn't wake up. I had a although of

      how beautiful it was and realized I could do anything I

      wanted except move my head, so I didn't lose it. I kept

      myself there for as long as I could. Then it turned dark

      almost purple night and then yellow, very yellow with

      orange leaves falling. it was like space and time and

      season didn't exist they just were and blended so I

      continued to try to go with it even though I was scared

      of what i was seeing. Mind you I was thoroughly conscious

      and didn't understand how I had been seeing this with my

      eyes closed. When it turned what seemed to be autumn my

      ears were ringing and in felt like wind was going through

      them fast. My body was in a state of falling and my mind

      was terrified. So I started breathing really hard to get

      out of it, I was so afraid. I felt I was going somewhere

      and I didn't know where and if I didn't get out I would

      know how to later. My body was paralized and I couldn't

      move it at all. I tried and tried. then when my minded

      turned black, my body felt like it had slammed back down

      on my bed. My brain was tingling on both sides. left and

      right. I had used both sides of my brain at the same time

      for a moment and as I write this I truly regret getting

      frightened and wish I had gone with it. It was the most

      intense experience I have ever encountered. I remember

      getting scared while it was happening, because it

      reminded me of the butterfly effect. And in this state of

      enlightenment I was thinking of that superficial movie

      and wondering if I was going to end up some place else

      and not be able to return. So I let go of this wonderful,

      intense, beautiful, scary feeling all because I was

      terrified and was conscious through all the most intense

      emotions and colors and mind boggling movements and gazes

      all because I was too afraid to continue. it was

      something I hope will happen again and hope that I will

      have enough courage to stay through. I don't know where

      my mind was going and wish I did.

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      Welcome to Dreamviews!

      That sounds like it was an amazing experience. Was this completely unintentional? Just accidental? You are lucky to have had such a powerful vision.

      Best part is....You can do it again! With some practice, you can learn to do this almost at will.

      From your description, it seems like you transitioned from a dream into a brief lucid moment, and then into sleep paralysis. Sleep paralyisis happens naturally to a lot of people, especially when exiting a lucid dream. There is nothing dangerous about it. Your body is naturally in a state of paralysis every night while you sleep. Basically what happened is your mind woke up while your body was still asleep.

      The rushing sound in your ears, the increased heart rate, the falling feeling. It can be a bumpy ride when you pass directly from a waking state to a dreaming state (or the other way around in your case).

      Have fun reading around the site!

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      Quote Originally Posted by Nikki K
      it was something I hope will happen again and hope that I will have enough courage to stay through. I don't know where my mind was going and wish I did.
      I hope it happens again too because I believe that you will find the courage to stay/ride through it!

      Oh and welcome to Dream Views!

      You might want to review the Newbie Zone Guide for helpful information about this site: http://www.dreamviews.com/community/...ad.php?t=36723

      You may also want to check out the Tutorials forum which contains information on the various lucid dreaming techniques and other helpful information: http://www.dreamviews.com/community/...splay.php?f=25.

      If you should have any additional questions, please ask and we'll do our best to get you answers.

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      It's always great to read first lucid experiences. Congratulations!!

      I hope next time you'll be able to control your lucidity and start a journey without fear. Remember, it's all in the mind.

      Good luck!


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