I just woke up a half hour ago from my first LUCID experience...But it might not have been, I think I might have had many before, but i'll get to that in a minute, heres what happened. I only had 2 hours of sleep last night. I woke up for some reason to get somthing to eat. I stayed up for maybe an hour then went back to bed. I then wake up while in SP laying on my side. And at no point did I try a WILD or even think LUCID, I hate SP but this time i just sorta didnt care. Then I stood up and I had to pull my self out of bed really hard alomost like I was stuck to my bed. At this point I basicaly just knew I was LUCID. I did reality checks just to make sure. I then walk out side, and look around for a minute. This is the part thats weird. I said to my self "ok I guess I should fly" and I started flying like it was nothing new, like the motion and the way I started to fly is when it hit my that I have done this many many times before. Also I spun around so many times in my dream last night that I cant remember every scene and all. But without getting into detail of all the dream, this Lucid felt like at least an hour in real time. It ended like the end of a movie, a black fade to nothing. The weird thing is, this was my first LUCID dream that I woke up directly from and wrote down in the dream journal, but it really feels like I have been there before. I mean at no point did I wake my self up from excitement durring this, its just so weird and such strange deja vu. Because if I didnt wake up directly from this dream, I would never have remembered the actual moment that I became LUCID, I would just have remembered the main scenes. Is it possible that this could have been happening my whole but without me knowing? This is crazy!