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      Best Lucid dream yet

      I had a really good lucid dream last night, so good I actually wrote it down (which I've never done before, I don't usually write at 6:30). Anyway I kind of want to share it cause I had a lot of major sucesses.

      First off I spent the night before planning on how I wanted to have a lucid dream. I didn't remember all the things I wanted to do, but I remembered a few of them. Most importantly I remembered to yell out something along the lines of "One Hour" when the dream went lucid.

      It started out in a hospital type building. The walls were sort of yellowish. I realized it was a dream without doing a reality check. I then started to explore the hospital. At some point I remembered that I'd planned on looking for a particular friend in my dream (I want to see if shared dreaming is possible). around this same time I decided to rub my hands together to help stabilize the dream. It had the complete opposite effect, everything started to turn flesh colored. I quickly spun around, the scene changed to a grassy field. I decided to search for my friend. I jumped into the air, rising so high I could see a considerable part of the eastern sea board. My state's capital city was visible, but it appeared as a single building. It reminded me of a representational icon on a video game's overland map. I swooped in lower and the city was populated with more buildings it sort of looked like they were being added while I hovered in the air waiting. Once this was completed it looked like a small city as one would see it from a distance (a small cluster of large buildings) I flew strait through one of them. Inside there were no offices only strange blueish structural shapes. I continued through the city into a wooded area arriving finally at a one story house with a shallow roof and glass walls. Inside was the friend I was looking for. I asked if she was the real person (a question I planned to ask), she did not respond. So far she hasn't mentioned having any dreams about me so it was probably just a dream character. In case anyone's wondering I'm just testing the possibility of shared dreaming, I'm not convinced of it.

      Anyway, the whole sequence felt very long, I've listed the major details but I know there were others I've forgotten. All together it felt like it took at least 30 minutes, it could have been as much as the one hour I shouted for. Its probably the best lucid dream I've had and its certainly the longest. Before this I don't think I made it much more then ten minutes, and the typical LD was only a minute or so.

      Another variable here was I went to bed an hour earlier then usual. I hope this helps me to have more consistent lucid dreams.
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      The more sleep the higher chance of getting lucid, and good job! sounds like a really fun dream, and 30 minutes is really good, hopefully that is their new "standard" length.

      Happy dreams,
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