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      A few nights ago

      Would have posted earlier but my computer got the blue screen of death and died on me so I had to format my whole system.

      I need some help though - I'm not sure what this is.

      I fell asleep but I had what is I suppose a false awakening and I couldn't move my body, I was completely lucid but I couldn't move except really little movements.

      I knew whenever I moved in the dream world, moved me in the real world.

      I've noticed whenever i've moved when lucid it's been a mental move not a body move but I couldn't move except tiny tiny movements (fingers, locked jaw, moved head slightly). It's really scary, and although nothing happened in my dream I was still scared.

      Also, whenever I woke myself up I was in the same position as I was my dream. And everytime I fell asleep I knew I was asleep because I could move my eyes to my watch and the time would change on my watch completely unnatturally (my reality check).

      I must have gone into this state at least 10 times.


      I can only describe it as my body switching off but my mind being fully awake.

      After my 10th time though I was able to move in my dream, and I cannot explain how!! But I completed the basic task of the month then

      I wouldn't count this as 10 lucids, though it kinda is. My brain was in the same state of mind so I only count that as 1 lucid this month

      Can ANYBODY help me with what this mind body disconnection is?
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      I've had similar experiences a few times. They were very frustrating and a bit frightening. I use two ways to move out of this apparent paralysis.

      1. Based on advice from this site I just relax and then IMAGINE the sensations of my body rocking back and forth on the bed. I DO NOT try to move, just imagine how it would feel. After what seems like several minutes of this, the sensations become incredibly realistic. My vision is swinging around, too. At this point I roll off of my bed (usually I fall out) sometimes it feels so realistic I am positive that my actual body has crashed out of bed! Then I go to my door and open it. When I open it I find I am now in a different place. I move into the dream from there.

      2. I loose lucidity. Sometimes I find I am SO very aware that I'm dreaming and my body is laying in bed I can't get my dream body to do anything. I imagine moving it, but the imagining never becomes realistic. So, instead I just loose lucidity. Instead of believing I am dreaming, laying in bed, I make myself believe I am really awake, laying in bed. This can be kind of scary for me. But eventually I get so into the non-linear, confused thinking of dreaming that I forget about what is going on and I either a) forget I'm paralyzed and get out of bed OR b) the dream scene shifts and now I am someplace else able to move OR c) I "fall asleep" and wake up in a different dream.

      Hope this helps you!
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