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      Weird meditation induced WILD

      So i was at a squash tournament in a different time zone and my sleep patterns were insanely messed up so i woke up at 1 am and just couldn't sleep, by 3:30 am i was getting frustrated because after a hard match i was physicaly exhausted but simply couldnt sleep, so i started just meditating and did this for about an hour, one of the longest times i've ever done any meditating for, and eventually I got the feeling i get when i WILD which is were i feel this weird energy in my head and I lean back, but it's back through the bed, beyond the angle of the matress. This is usualy when i fall through the matress and begin my lucid dream, but in this case i simply fell slightly through then flipped over onto my stomach. Of course i could still feel my physical body and my dream body because i was on the cusp of both awarenesses, so i had the sensation of lying in the same spot on my stomach and my back simultaneously, which was extremely weird. The WILD itself was very short, but the shift into it to was something that has stuck with me.

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      If you believe in the such, you may have been experiancing the start of a Astral Projection (see Beyond Dreaming forum) but good job on hitting a lucid dream with meditation! now you just have to recreate what you did to get more.
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