I was in some industrial area, in a maze sort of thing, and some chinese/asian dude was shooting at me, i had a shotgun in my hand and i kept shooting at him but he didn't seem to be showing any signs of pain, i knocked him down then threw the shotgun at him after many unsuccessful attempts at blowing his face off, and ran behind a wall to grab a pistol, i returned to see him shooting at my grandfather, and he was taking hits and i started shooting back but the gun was only shooting one bullet at a time, i then said, "fuck this, im having a lucid dream, i can change whatever i want" so i then used my mind to fix the gun so that i could just hold the trigger and fire a continuous stream of bullets at him, he was still shooting at my grandfather but he didn't feel any pain, and instead put his shoes on, turned to me, smiled, and walked off, i then kept shooting at this dude and he eventually died, and i went off searching for my grandfather and found my uncle and the dream ended.

It was so AWESOME