Last night I had a cool dream about visiting a haunted mansion. The man that built it later went crazy and murdered his whole family. He blamed it on some transients, who were then murdered by a vigilante mob of townspeople. Eventually the man killed himself in the house. He was the ghost. He'd become so powerful and negative that he became a poltergiest (sorry, I don't know how to spell this word).

In the dream I was lucid. I walked into the mansion. Immedatly the ghost started throwing things at me. He summoned up demon dogs that attacked me. While fighting the demon dogs I realized I was giving the ghost all of my attention. I remembered reading that paying attention to an aspect of a dream makes it more detailed. So I just stopped paying attention to the demon dogs and the things the ghost was doing. After a minute or so it all stopped. Then I was able to explore the house, which is what I really wanted to do.