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      Batteling deamons, seeing world in 2d and talking to skulls.

      Hi, I just joined... been thinking about it for a while now, and it seemed like fun.
      I'm kind of a mystic in many ways, constantly trying to figure out different ways to perceive the world, so I meditate and lucid dream every now and then.

      I'm a natural... well, not in the sense that I actually lucid dream often, just in the sense that my first times(which were EXTREMELY lucid) were before I heard of the phenomenon.

      Now, I'll update this thread with some of my actual lucid experiences and magic moves within lucid dreams(such as making the world into 2-D and 3-D cartoons,) but I thought I'd start out with one of the weirdest experiences when it comes to meditation.

      One day while meditating, I decided to summon a spirit. I thought aloud: demon spirit, come to me. As I meditated with my mouth open, it became dryer and dryer, and I opened it more and more until it stared feeling like some sort of shapeless thing was entering. I let it surge into me, until suddenly I was sucked into a black hole of existence... My spirit/dream-body was surrounded by darkness.
      Of course, worried that I had ACTUALLY just let a spirit take over my body(of course I don't actually believe that, but still, it worried me,) I regained control of my body.. I woke up in the same position that I had sat in all along.

      Was this self-hypnosis? Was this actual magic? Don't know, don't care... perhaps they're all the same thing.. It was fun anywho.. I'll update later with the story of how I had to battle demons with a sword made of flames.

      Anyways, please feel free to comment and come with similar stories. I apologize for not having posted an actual LD story, but I'll keep em coming.

      OMG... my english grammar has gone straight to hell.. batteling deamons? wtf?
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      There's a demon inside you now.
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      1. An alien encounter(sleep paralysis/vivid dreaming?)
      I had gone and truly gotten drunk for the first time in my life. I went home and decided Iíd watch an episode of Buffy before I went to bed. As I was lying there, dreaming, I noticed voices in my head. Itís hard to recall what they were saying. They were whispering.
      Suddenly I woke up. Someone was strangling me. It was a transparent being without many features, silver like and also with a blank, smooth face. I struggled and I struggled. Finally I broke free.
      I woke up. Some weird object was flying in front of my face. It was a small, hockey-puck-like thing with a white sphere shaped thing coming out of it. It flew in to my mouth.
      I woke up. This time I was truly awake. These events still makes little sense to me. Are they real? Was I orally probed? Probably not. This was hallucinations induced by sleep paralysis.

      2. First lucid dream:
      I skipped school because most students werenít at school due to heavy rain that flooded the roads. I went home and slept.
      Suddenly I woke and felt I couldnít move. My body started vibrating. It was all much like that alien sitting on me. I rose from the bed, felt free (in retrospect it actually felt like I jumped out of my body.) I walked out of my room, really disoriented. I hit the light switch while I forced my eyes open. The switch didnít work(a clear sign of lucid dreaming, btw.) Suddenly I realized something: This wasnít my apartment. It was something completely friggin different. I pulled my mobile phone up from my pocket. It wasnít my phone. I looked at the contact list: by each number was the image of a terrorist. I realized that; while this is a dream or something, this probably isnít the safest place to be! I jumped out the window and decided Iíd have some fun. I ran faster than humanly possibly, the dream finally ending in me doing a backflip off a clip.
      I believe this was more Astral Projection than Lucid dreaming(if there is a difference) as I found it more vivid than in all my later dream travels. This is the event that lead me to begin my journey as a lucid dreamer.

      3. The skull on the stick.
      One of my most interesting lucid dreams.
      I become lucid in some weird dream where I am in a dessert like city. As I scan the area I find a donkey. Now, iI've often found myself to be both a little retarded, and also quite evil.
      I decided Iíd kick the donkey. Itís owner gets mad at me, so I flee. Flying seemed to me the most interesting way to travel (as it often is.)
      I fly up toward some mountains. There is a path up there and it is filled with beautiful lights, as if youíre seeing millions of torches. The mountain in itself is purple. I get there.
      - Hey, idiot, youíre flying against traffic. The words of a bug-like, winged humanoid.
      - Sorry! It seems as if theyíre all flying in one direction, at me.
      I fly away. I fly over the most beautiful fields, flying so low I can actually feel straws of grass brushing against me. I now fly toward another mountain. It has a lake. I fly right above the water (I should have walked on it, shouldnít I?)
      I see some rocks on top of each other, almost in the shape of a totem pole. I knock them down.
      - Hey, idiot, wtf are you doing? Put those back!
      I turn and I see a friggin head impaled on a stick, and itís friggin talking to me!
      I decide to ask some question this weird creature.
      - Uhmm, sorry sir. What exactly is this world?
      - Well, it was designed by the german ÖÖ.. in the year of Ö.(canít remember those parts). He devised keys you have to use to enter it.
      - Keys??? I donít have a key???
      As those words escape my lips I am tossed back into this world. Itís almost as if I was booted from that world. As I sit here and write it, my consciousness fills in the blanks, obviously. But I believe I have gotten it quite accurately. I called my brother and told him everything.

      5. Fighting monsters.
      Haha, this is one of the more fun lucid dreams Iíve had.
      I gain lucidity. I see 2 boys sitting on a bench. They talk shit to me. I decide Iíll teach them a lesson.
      I reach out my hand, pointing the palm at one of the boys. I concentrate and begin disfiguring him, twisting his face, almost burning him. As Iíve said, Iím often evil in the beginning of my lucid dreams.
      Suddenly, I realize Iíve disrupted something(like the balance of the dream or something). About 300 feet away from me I see a big fucking monster. Really big. I decide to fight him, and I decide to fly to where he is.
      To me, flying is often hard for some reason. I can't simply just take off.. Usually it takes tremendous willpower. However, Iíd read about a technique someone posted: you start running, and imagine a cliff ahead of you. Jump off it and keep thinking youíll not touch the ground. I slowly reduced my falling rate, concentrating real hard, I barely touch the ground, then Iím sucked upwards. Iím flying.
      Demons are everywhere now. Below me there are thousand of them of various sizes, they are attacking a village, burning it to the ground. I fly toward a demon, I kick some off, but damn, I need a sword! I focus on a sword coming to my hand. I stare at it. Nothing happens. I decide that I have to look away while I concentrate. I look at one of the burning buildings. Suddenly, it is in my hand. Not only a sword. A burning sword!
      I fly down to the ground and decide to face a small demon, a lesser one. Itís face is twisted and burnt. I take the sword and strike at him. He is immune to my lashings. He comes at me, attacking. I wake up.

      A month or so ago, I was suddenly sucked into a lucid dream. It literally felt like something dragged me into it, so I played along. As I gained more and more lucidity, I decided to try something: Turn everything into a cartoon. I'd had lucid dreams before where the scenery was cartoonish, but I decided to do this on my own. I just imagined it as a cartoon, and cartoon it became.
      Along the way of wherever it was I was walking, I saw Ariel(the little mermaid.) I kissed her and moved on.
      I don't remember all the details of this dream anymore, but suddenly it all became like Zelda - Ocarina of time... Everything was crappy 3D..
      The rest of the dream was pretty uninteresting, but I did turn 2D on and off a couple of times.


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