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      False awakenings

      I had a great lucid last night, that came from a false awakening. I was in my bedroom, surfing the internet and when typing in the address bar Google came up in logo lettering, which was a dead giveaway. What false awakening experiences have this forum had?

      BTW the dream ended with

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      I've had a couple like that, but the most vivid one I can remember was me and a buddy sitting on my bed just talking after we just woke up. I remember joking around saying that I could be dreaming right now, because I had another lucid dream that night already, and he just laughed at me, so I went over to the clock and did a reality check anyway. The date was wrong and my friend confirmed that I was dreaming. So i went outside and created a lighting storm in the field and then I started to fly. While i was flying i forgot how to fly and i fell on top of some power-lines. Thats really the only important things that happened, I woke up a few minutes later.

      I need to try to remember that I dont need to respect or save the DC's that are in trouble in my dreams, my conscious still wants me to help them and save them and i always do even in a dream distracting me from what i want to do.


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