WILD attempt of course. I was laying in bed very still while trying to create a dream scene. I was imagining myself throwing a fury of punches at a brick wall. Every hit made the image inside my head shake. I was uncomfortable, but forced myself to stay still. After a few more hits my body feels heavy and the hits are actually making my body jolt with each connection with the wall. Like it would if you were to imagine tripping over something your feet would react similar to tripping in real life. Now I'm in front of an unknown school with double doors directly in front of me. I step through and the hallway is long with double doors on each side of me. The door to the left is my choice so I step through. Its a church with wide rows of seating available. Men with scream masks are gathering there so I hide quickly laying down between two long seats. A man wearing the same mask drags a blond girl across the floor and she catches a glimpse of me and reaches out screaming. I ignore her plea. The dream scene changes instantly and Mr. Smith a character from the Matrix movie is standing on a golden podium with gun in hand. I've seen him before in several of my dreams and I realize quickly that I'm dreaming. The dream scene changes for the final time and I'm in a cave like area the walls are brown and made of mud and rock. A muscular man with blond hair stands one leg higher than the other on a golden pyramid that is only about 15 foot tall according to my height. Above him as he looks up is a bright light created by a light bulb hanging from the ceiling. The light dims and I rub my hands together nonstop while asking him this question "Let's travel to a far away place, Help me" The dream ends for no reason.