as a precursor its obvious im new to this (i actually tried to start last yr then forgot lol)
now i cant be sure if it was lucid but i had the choice and feeling to run at the wall and also it just felt so real strangley enuff later in that dream i was near a bunch of made sets for a movie or somthin then was being chased thru them and somehow at that moment it didnt phase me to just make it easier and run thru the walls lol, i realized that after i woke up
i love how dreams near the end slowly bridge the gap between the dream and what your going to wake-up to
now my alarm was going off(this morning about 6AM est)
and it was the song "halo"by beyonce and in the dream,for some reason i was in my history class, and we all started dacing,and i guess this is cuz i go to cathlic school so maybe we were prayin,startin doin one of those indian dances where my hand are 2gether and movin above my head and in front of my chest and then my teacher was lookin w/a wtf look as he class was dancin,and then his eyes and mouth turned red and it was an animation on his face that was over and animated clappin monket's face and his smile was LED lighted(as were his eyes)and it was goin from small to wider back and forth,then i woke up confused cuz that dream felt so real so im later here return to explore lucid dreams again thx to that dream lol