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      Exclamation Extreme beginners luck!

      Here's the story about my first Lucid Dream, it happened yesterday.

      Age: 16
      Sleeping habits: BAD
      I have never been able to remember my dreams. On a year I typically remember one or two dreams. I've never even tried to remember them. However, my brother said that he often hear me talking in my sleep, which would mean that I dreamt more often than I remember, so I check with the internet. I don't know were but I read that you dream every night! This was new information to me(!).
      So I read more, and I come upon a text about Lucid Dreaming and I am shocked!
      I was all like; OMGLOLWTFBBQ?! Why haven't I heard about this before!

      I google "controlling your dreams" and I discover this site. I spend like 5 hours reading about how to acheive a lucid dream. I decide to go with the WILD to acheive it. (It seemed the best option if you wanted one as soon as possible).

      This was my plan:
      I buy an energy drink go, to bed early so I'm not tired and set a timer to go of seven hours later. When the alarm goes of I will stretch my legs and go to the bathroom, as well as drink the energy drink. Then I'll go back to bead and try to perform a WILD.

      This is what happened :
      I bought a energy drink, went to bed early and set the timer. I was a bit tensed so I couldn't really relax, however I laid perfectly still (even though I just wanted/was attempting to sleep). Went into some sort of half awareness (I may have fallen asleep for a while).One our later I "wake up" when my brother comes home from hockey and starts talking aloud with our parents. I didn't move, just listening to their conversation on the floor beneath me and thought about how stupid and inconsiderate my brother was for waking me up.
      I don't know how much time passed but I kept listening, just listening. After everyone had gone asleep I kept listening to my breathing. I start to hear a voice in my head and start to ficus on it. Suddenly I fall trough my bed and began my first lucid dream! (I wasn't prepared for it lol, it literally felt like I fell right trough my bed into... my bed)

      My dream:
      I open my eyes, and stand up. Everything seemed so real that I thought "Can this really be a dream?" First thing I did was to jump, just to see that I was dreaming. Result - I jumped about a foot higher than I normally would, I was like an inch from hitting the roof (I didn't jump hard, just bended my knees a bit).

      From here on I had little control over what happened. (I could decide what I wanted to say and do (like were to walk) but I couldn't control the situations.

      1. Looked trough my window - Cars without drivers and my friend driving a bus with the steering wheel on the wrong side. He had a weird black army helmet.

      2. Walked to my drawers. I didn't take my normal route trough the room as something "undefinable" was blocking the other way. At the moment I didn't see any weird with it.

      3. Changed my underwear (I have no idea why I did that, I guess logic doesn't work in my dreams, this didn't puzzle me at the time. Only when woke up) I can't remember seeing any part of my body while doing this.

      4. TIME JUMP

      5. In a car with two cops (They were out of uniform, American bad ass cop cliché) I can't remember more about that.

      6. TIME JUMP

      7. I (together with the cops) enter a room with several ordinary people. There's a dark red cement wall before me. I get a bit more conscious and decides that I should make a back flip on the wall (I figured as I was dreaming I should be able to do whatever I wanted) I ran to the wall and tried to back flip. I failed and was suddenly standing a were I was before I ran toward the wall. Failed again, got up with out getting frustrated.

      8. Turned around to look around the room. There was 10-15 people in it. So it wasn't crowded. I decided to try something else. I said: Everyone disappear! And a lot of them just vanished! Except for a few...

      9. Two black guys were sitting in chairs looking at an old TV. I recognised one of them as being a character form the movie Dawn of the Dead (Afterwards).

      10.I was sitting next to the TV with the two guys. I think there were more ppl behind them. We talked about me purchasing an illegal weapon. Two weapon were proposed one AK-47 and one unidentified old Russian SMG.
      I asked of I just could leave some money and on another location be given the bag containing the weapon (Once again I have no idea why I said that but it seemed logical at the time)

      12. Slowly everything faded away and I was awake. I turned on a light (Big mistake) and started to write everything down. I couldn't do another WILD since I was to excited. I turned of the timer. Since I went to bed It had gone two hours.

      I'm going to try again soon. Maybe not today but soon.

      Please comment!

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      Congrats on your first LD. Its definitely an interesting experience. My first happened at random and was very short, but, if you want to read it, head to the lucid experiences section and look on probably pg. 2-3 or so. Anyways, as you put in my practice, you'll have longer LDs and more control over them. Then you can do whatever you like. I would think of some goals that you would like to achieve when you LD so that you have something to work for
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