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      Batch of recent LDs

      I haven't posted for a long time but figured I'd share some of my recent dreams here for anyone bored and wanting to read.

      Lately I've been feeling a little like I'm going insane.

      When I'm tired I drift in and out of 'sensible' thinking. E.g I'll be half asleep but still doing an action in waking life (maybe vacuuming for instance) and I'll get something stuck in my head, something so random that doesn't make sense when remembering back on it. Like I'll have the thought of a church in my head and my brain is just stuck on that thought and it makes perfect sense at the time, hard to explain.

      Or I'll be talking to someone then drift of for litterally just a couple of seconds and think we've continued talking and start asking them about what they just said but obviously they have no idea what I'm talking about since it didn't really happen.

      My girlfriend says I've been talking a lot in my dreams lately and doing things like lifting my arms up in the air.. odd.

      Ho hey, here's the dreams:

      This dream was quite intense for me, when I woke up from it I felt pretty down and didn't want to talk to anyone for awhile.

      I came through the back door of my mums house, It was pitch black darkness but I could hear and knew some bad people were in the house. I went through the kitchen area and even though I knew what was going to happen next, I still did it. I walked out of the kitchen and around the corner and was punched in the face. The feeling was so real, it wasn't so much pain but shock like when you slip and you know you're about ot fall, that's how it felt when I was punched in the face. I woke at this point.


      This was a very short dream, I'd woken already but decided to get another bit of sleep in before the next snooze alarm.

      I was driving a car with a friend that I know in real life sitting on the passenger side, she was really annoying me with stupid comments about what to do while driving and I was getting very agitated. I woke up extremely agitated and felt annoyed with everyone I spoke to.


      This dream was quite interesting, I really enjoyed it and it reminded me how much fun I can have dreaming.

      We had landed on another planet, something which resembled what I know as the moon. I was anxious to leave the shuttle because we didn't have space suits so I was sure we'd be unable to breath upon getting out. Other people in the shuttle assured me that I'd be fine as long as we wore these special suits (thin metalic type jackets like the material used for those blankets you get after running a marathon).

      Funny enough, the idea of being on the moon wasn't enough to make me think I was dreaming, it wasn't until this suit thing happened that I became lucid and realised I was dreaming. I tried jumping thinking I'd be able to get really high since gravity would be low but funnily enough while everyone else could manage it, I couldn't jump any higher than real life.

      After this I think I forgot I was dreaming and it turned a little strange. I was with a girl and we were away from everyone else talking together. We were standing over a small grave where she said she'd buried a pet. I woke up sometime shortly after that.


      This was one of my scarier dreams mainly because the pain felt so real.

      I was outside at some kind of bar. There was a swimming pool although it was night time and everyone was focussed on social drinking rather than the pool. I wasn't aware of being there with anyone but myself. There was a guy talking to some girls and I was listening over what he was saying and he was making suggestions for them to go home with him. They seemed far too young for what he was suggesting and I interupted telling him what he was doing is wrong and it caused some confrontation.

      Next it moved to somewhere totally different. I was standing in a dimly lit room facing a girl (I didn't recognise her from real life) who was standing in front of a doorway. A guy came through the door behind her and wrapped his arms around the girls waist and said to me "you didn't know we were back together huh?" and I replied that he had to be joking me and surely he can see what's going on here. There was some confrontation between me and the guy and then suddenly he had a knife held to the palm of my hand and slid it out quickly, the pain was just immense, it felt so real and so painful. I woke up pretty much straight away.


      I was in a shopping complex and following this person around who was pushing a stall around. I cant remember why I was following them but they were doing something wrong. I was ducking and diving behind stalls and building columns. The person kept looking back and around to see if they were being followed.

      They made a u-turn at one point and got on an escelator going up. I let them go up and then ran and followed. When I got to the top of the escelator there were two undercover security guys who detained me. I tried to explain that the person they wanted had just come up here and entered a lift but they wouldn't listen.

      The next thing i know, I'm in a small dimly lit room. There is me and someone with me that had been detained, however I didn't know who 'was with me' just that there was somoene. I'm not really involved in this bit, more of a watcher I think.

      There's a small table with one person sitting on either side, some kind of interview process. The strange but was that the person who was being quizzed wasn't talking directly himself. He had a realistic puppet sat on his knee, like one that professional ventriloquists use. It had ginger hair and was talking for the person sitting there being quizzed.
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