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      In one dream I became this person I know and she became me, so in gym, I put her suit on and she put on her other suit on. Randomly I realized I was dreaming. Then I went outside to go into the pool. Instead of going to the nearest pool like we were supposed to, I started to go to the farther pool. The teacher (who's my bus driver in real life) asked me what I was doing. I told him I was dreaming and could do whatever I want. He had an okay look on his face. Then I jumped in. Right when that happened I switched dream scenes.

      The same day, I had a dream and got in trouble, because I spoke up in jury (I know weird) and said something I wasn't supposed to. So, these three guys are bringing me to, like, jail in a car. I'm in the back back. Then I told them I was dreaming. They didn't beleive me, so, I told them that I'd think money in the valley to prove it. I was thinking to put in an outrageous amount, but only some (like 20) paper money was on the ground. They pulled over and I looked at the money. One of the bills was a 0 dollar bill.

      I wrote about this in another thread, so I thought I'd bring it back to make it easier. Sorry if someone thinks this is unfair/not right, whatever
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