i think i've gone into sp quite a few times, the first time (which i talked about on here sometime last year i think) freaked me right out. was in the middle of the night when i got up to pee, after a few minutes back in bed i got the standard body shaking for a while, and like one of the descriptions above i knew what was happening but my body still totally freaked, i thought i was gona hav a heart attack, then i heard what sounded like a womans voice but i couldn't understand what she was saying, i'll admit that i was so freaked the first time that i just wanted out, i just wanted to wake up but i couldn't move, and when i did wake up i didn't get back in bed haha.
i've had it a few more times, less vibrations but similar, once i felt someone sit down on the end of the bed and lay down next to me (although i couldn't open my eyes), once i fell asleep before work and opened my eyes and the room looked like i was looking at it through water if that makes sense (no constant lines, always changing, very shiny) i tried to do somethin with it but i couldn't move, always with the no moving!
and today it happened again, i got up for work and my boss called and said no work today as the weather was pretty crazy, so read for an hour or so then back to bed, i don't remember any vibrations or anythin but i looked out the window (which was covered by a curtain in the real world) and it looked very different, and very red, and there was a red face looking back at me, it didn't scare me but i still couldn't move!!! then when i woke up i tried again and it took abuot 15 seconds for me to hear this quiet bubbling noise, and i manage to get my eyes open and my water bottle on my bedside table (which i later discovered was empty) looked like it was boiling, i kept tryin to stand up but i kept waking up instead.. had the typical heavy body feeling, then i'd try again, i think i went back into the boiling bottle dream or sp or whatever you want to call it about 6 or 7 times, each time the bubbling sound getting louder, in the end it wasn't even raising my heart rate, but i still couldn't stand up or make anythin else happen!
any ideas on how i can push past this?