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    Thread: a spooky lucid

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      a spooky lucid

      i just suddenly became lucid, and i looked around and took in what i saw.
      i was standing in the middle of a road/highway with bush land on either side of the road the sun was out and bright, i was not alone; there was many dc's with me just standing around doing nothing in particular.
      something really unexpected then happened, the lighting suddenly shut off; and i was left in darkness, it not not take long to realize that i still was not alone.
      the dc's were still there somewhere but they were very hard to see...
      i felt them surrounding me, i heard them whispering to each other.
      and the attack began, i started getting punched in the back of the head, actually i was getting punched from all angles, i heard them roar get him!!!! don't
      let him get away!!!!!! i am usually am up for a fight in lucids, but this happened to quickly to gather my confidence, i somehow broke free of them an started running fast as i could in any direction, i could of sworn i was in a lower spiritual
      realm known as the void, because i felt that the dc's were now shadow beings, i dont know how dc's became shadow beings, its wierd like they are learning to shape shift or something, anyway.
      as i was running, i could feel them on my trail, i couldn't just feel them i could hear them also, it sounded like a type of storm was right on my ass.
      i then changed into a light body form, and gained a bit of distance not much though, and then i recalled that the dark body <shadow being form> is faster then then the light body, and being in my light form i would stand out like a sore thumb, so i changed into my dark form and lost them with a mixture of speed and teleportation... i got away and lost lucidity.....

      my dream self wasn't to happen about what happened and got revenge on them lol!!!! pay back is always sweet.

      when i had this lucid experience i was quite hung over and was sleeping the day away, so it could've just be caused by the amount of booze i had in my
      system one of the weirdest lucids i had in a long while

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      sounds cool.


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