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      The Moon Bar

      Alright, I know I'm probably going to get the skeptics in here telling me I'm loony for believing this, but whatever; I'm convinced. I believe shared dreams a very real. This is something I have come to believe over a long time, for various reasons. I figured I would mention this as a sort of disclaimer to people that want to come in here and try to debunk my shared lucids, while ignoring the actual intent of this post.

      That being said, I want to tell you all about a LD I had last night, which was really fascinating (they all are, but this was in a weird tingle-down-your-neck sort of way.

      I Entered into a lucid dream, and the conditions were almost pristine: I heard nothing outside of my head, was so into the dream that it was almost life-like (except for the fact that I knew I was dreaming), and actually learned how to remain in the lucid dream of my own sheer will, as soon as I entered into the dream and realized I was dreaming.

      I had a goal for the next time I would LD, and it was to interact with the DC's as much as possible. My first intent was to find a girl to kiss, just out of the blue, to see how she would react. My theory was, that if she was in fact a real person, her reaction would be more stunned than anything. I know there's some flaws in the theory, like how a DC could be stunned as well by the abruptness of the interaction, but it was a first step of many I am going to experiment with now that I have a good handle on this LDing. Now that I can do them pretty much at will, it's easier to set goals for myself.

      I came upon a girl and her friend almost right away, like searching for an individual brought me to them (except I was only looking for one person, and two appeared. Both were rather surprised that I appeared there and that they appeared to me). I told them right away (as I always do) that we were in a dream, and then we began to walk around (or whatever it is you do in dreams; walk, float, warp, whatever it is, I dunno. I never feel foot falls, I'm just moving around, so I call it walking).
      Her friend disappeared after a bit, and I asked her if her friend was any good at lucid dreaming, because she just disappeared without warning. .. I can't remember what she said or did in reply, because all I remember was things went all garbly, for lack of a better word, like a hiccup in the dream... Not that I don't remember, I suppose, but that the complete smoothness of the dream went garbly and hiccuped at that moment, then smoothed itself out. I noticed it, but didn't ask twice, and we continued on our way.
      She decided to bring me to this area, which had so much substance to it it was amazing.
      Before I continue, I want to explain this and why it was weird.

      Normally when I dream, even LD, even if the continuance of areas is smooth, like the transition between places that seem really far apart is smooth, like no distance but a great distance was crossed ( I think you LD's out there know what I mean about this. Distance is a weird thing on dreams.), the world changes on a whim, it doesn't seem constant, immutable. This place, however, seemed almost solid, like it wouldn't change easily. There's something else to, but I'll get to that part in a second.

      We walked up to this hatch in the ground about 4-5 feet in diameter (it wasn't a circle, but it was shaped like a half circle sort of), and tried to open it, but it wouldn't open. There was no handle or anything on it to open it with, So I told her ( she went by the name Aida or Aiden, but she mentioned both her and her friends name at once, so she could have said "Aida 'n ---I can't remember her friends name though.) I would make a handle. I imagined a handle and a nob on the hatch to unlock and open it, and we got it open, except the hatch didn't go anywhere. It was just ground where a hole should have been. She told me that this was weird and unusual. She directly mentioned, without any ambiguity, that this was a passage leading to a place called "The Moon Bar". She began to read from this sign that was there on this thing (I don't know what it was) that we were forbidden entry into this place (it literally said "Entry forbidden"). I asked her something along the lines of how we could get in, and she said that normally when she opens the hatch shes sucked right into the place. My only reply, because I never even knew what this place was, or that it even existed before then, was "That sucks...".
      We began to walk away, and I began to awake from the LD shortly afterwords, despite my attempt to remain in the LD ( I almost faded out twice before, but manage to figure out how to prevent it. It's like this weird focus thing, I can't explain it any better).

      The reason why I mentioned the mutability of the dream-scape, is because in this area it didn't change the whole time I was there. Furthermore, where I have an easy time changing things of my own will in other places, this place, just to create a small change like a latch on the hatch, was a great difficulty, like things were beyond me there.

      I guess I want to know what you all think, and if you've ever heard of anything in your dream journeys to suggest or directly mention "The Moon Bar". I know some of you are going to tell me that It was all in my head, but I'm convinced it was more than just a normal Lucid Dream. There's too many things in this that suggest otherwise.
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      sounds like a pretty mind expanding lucid you had there

      i wasted a whole lucid drinking at a bar once, i don't know if it was the moon bar though
      but I'm open to mutual dreaming, we all dream right that is mutual but wherever we actually can share the same dream realm/world and be lucid in it is the question, and do i think its possible? to be honest i don't know but I'm open
      to it because humans aren't know alls after all.


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