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      can anyone make anything out of this

      The past few years, I have been having lucid dreams almost on a nightly basis. Every dream is different than the last. Most dreams, while they wouldn't make much sense if you were to somehow watch them on TV for example, have a "vibe" and I understand the vibe perfectly. I had a dream last night though, that was so overwhelmingly vivid, yet I cannot put my finger on what it meant.....

      So I was in my house on my computer on the internet. I looked outside the windows (which is behind my computer, I can see through it perfectly), and I see a white cat (there aren't any white cats in the neighborhood, and I do not know anyone that owns one) carrying away my dark Tabby cat(who exists in real life), for some reason I felt the white cat was going to hurt my Dark Tabby cat. The wierd thing was that the white cat was carrying my tabby cat like a mother carries her young, very gentle, by carrying the cat by the neck. (Myu real life cat was not moving). For one reason or another, I grabbed my BB gun, and began shooting at the white cat (I hit it in the head), who bleed profusely, but didn't whine or seem to know that it was bleeding or wounded. (It was a VERY big white cat, like twice the size of the biggest housecat I've ever seen, it also had VERY big blue eyes that actually deformed it face from their size). After I shot the white cat, it carried my tabby away and ate it (in my neighbors yard MY REAL LIFE CAT DIDNT FIT THE WHITE ONE AS IT CONSUMED IT), I watched as it consumed my cat and shouted and shot at the white cat more, eventually it ran away into the woods behind it, not before it turned around and stared at me, at which time I stood silently watching it (I also noticed the blood from where I previously shot it was gone, it's head was healed). I cannot remember the rest of the dream but I do remember it would appear every once in a while in the shadows of this particular dream and then disappear.

      Very very wierd. I love my cats. I have a Dark Tabby and an Orange tabby. The Dark tabby was my first cat, though I consider myself closer emotionally to my orange cat (who sleeps next to me almost every night). The yard where my first cat was eaten by the mysterious white cat is my neighbors yard, whom after living where I do now for 12 years, have never talked to and barely see.

      can anyone make any sense out of this dream, it is bothering me, as I know it has a BIG important meaning, I just can't put my finger on it.



      EDIT: The dream did not feel like a nightmare, sometimes I have night terrors, but this dream had a very particular feeling, like it meant something, this feeling is unmistakable. I know my dream was trying to tell me something, although I do not know what it was trying to let me know. This is actually my fifth edit, if I think of something I'll defidently write it down.
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      I had a dream a while back that we move into a new house and there was this big party where everyone in the neighborhood welcomed us. Anyway after the party was over, I found my cat (Sweeper is her name) and she was laying on the floor. And I rolled her over and saw that someone had cut off her tail and stabbed her several times with shards of glass.

      The worst part is she was still alive and in pain. I realized that someone at the party must've done this to her.

      After searching, I found the person that did it. It was our new next-door neighbor. She said that we were "too loud" and she needed to "punish" us for it. She said "I knew that by cutting off the cats tail you would take it as a warning" Dream logic, I know. Anyway, I got anger and started hitting her and saying "Why did you stab her, now she's gonna die!" And thelady said "I didn't stab your cat, I cut off her tail."

      I suddenly knew someone else had stabbed Sweeper.

      I went upstairs and saw that someone had my a little bed for sweeper to keep her comfortable (because we knew she wasn't gonna make it) And sweeper was crying like a human, with tears coming down her face. It was strange to see.

      Suddenly I hear this growling noise from down thwe hall. I get up and walk down there. I enter my brother's room and see that everything is all torn up.
      The growling is coming from his closet.

      Then, this white cat dashes out of the closet straight at me. The first thing I noticed was how big it was. The second thing, it was deformed, it's jaw seemed to jut outward and its eyes were messed up. One of its legs looked broken and twisted. The third thing I noticed...not really notice..just knew from looking at it was...It had glass shards for teeth.

      I woke sitting straight up. It took me hours to get back to sleep.

      Your creepy white cat dream reminded me of mine...Anyone else got a creepy white cat?

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      i had a dream something like these.. i was in my house well i think it was mine, in my room trying 2 sleep.. when i heard a creepy meow and a skinny white cat popped out of nowhere.. i dont own a cat. so i took it and through it out the door then shut the door..
      after this it was banging on my door so hard that i thought it was gona knock itd down.. it got back in a few times and i just through it out..also somewhere in this dream i picked it up and brought it out to my mom and i was like who owns this and shes like theres nothing there..

      after this dream i went into another 1 or sumthing and i was outside a store by my house talking about 'trippin out' the cat with my friend, when all of a sudden i heard a loud meowand it popped out of nowhere on my leg?? then i took it and smashed it on the pavement.

      i woke up really freaked out and had a feeling it meant something real important?


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