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      3/5 dreams that were lucid

      This was one of the craziest nights of my life. There was an amazing full moon outside my window that literally lit up my room, and I had about 5 (or 6, not sure) incredible dreams, 3 of which I was lucid in. 2 of the normal dreams, I was actually convinced I was awake. I was sick in one of them, and I was pretty pissed because I hate missing. The other, one of my last dreams, I was telling my friends about my amazingly vivid LDs last night, and ended up explaining how to become lucid.

      In the first LD, I was in some sort of town square. It looked sort of old, maybe 30's or 40's styled. There was a big fountain in the middle and the ground was paved with orange bricks. I remember plugging my nose, breathing, and then totally flipping out and doing it again and again. Then I lifted up my hand to tug on my fingers, but paused. The first thing I noticed when I looked at my arm, it was perfectly shaped (except for the fingers, which were sort of fat and broken) and it was 100% realistic. I was stunned, it looked exactly like real life. I tried pulling on my finger to extend it but I just ended up breaking it more. I walked into some building/warehouse with a bunch of DCs inside. I decided to have some fun and kill them all, so I tried conjuring a gun in my hands. After a few tries and no success, I just said "screw it" and began shooting them with my finger... and it worked! He flew backwards and died, and then all the DCs decided to join in on the fun. The entire room ended up killing eachother, so I walked out. When I got back into the town square some guy wearing a fedora and 2 of his body guards approached me. Apparently, he was upset that I killed his dudes. I didn't want him fighting back, so I finger-shot him right away, but it didn't work. Then he pulled out a Thompson machine gun. I sort of freaked out now, because I didn't want to get shot to death and wake up, so I said "eat fireball, bitch!" and tried to conjure fire in my hands. Like the last time I tried, no fire, but my skin started to burn off. Lame. I don't remember anything after this.

      The next dream was sort of in the same setting, this time on a hill, though not as vivid or realistic. I was with one of my friends, and she spontaneously wanted to make out. So I thought OK, whatever floats your boat. I kissed her, but apparently my mouth was too big and I bit her or something, so I pulled back. She was a dog. I don't know either, but now I'm scarred for life.

      The last one was pretty simple, but I finally managed to fly! WOO! I was walking down the stairs of my house, but not properly walking down. Sort of like I was on the moon. I decided if I could bounce around like this, I could probably fly. I jump once, make some good air, and float back to the ground. Then, I jump through the door and into the sky. It wasn't the greatest night for flying in Dreamland, because I couldn't see anything other than clouds and the moon. Oh well, I managed flight! Thats all I care about.

      So, those are 3 of my greatest LDs yet. I had so much fun this night that I have decided to get back into "hard-core" lucid dreaming, doing some of the exercises on this site daily, and probably learn how to control my dreams better because I still suck badly at it

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      Quote Originally Posted by turbosexophonic View Post
      I just said "screw it" and began shooting them with my finger... and it worked!
      Hilarious! I'll have to try that as soon as I can LD.
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