it happened, and totally without preparation. i've been interested in lucid dreaming for AGES but since i lacked the money for a nova-dreamer thingy when i first heard about it and since i didn't want to wake my wife up by waking myself up repeatedly, i've just immersed myself from time to time in forums and methods etc. well it finally paid off dream as follows:

we were on holiday in canada, staying in a town house. the dream had a whole bunch of typical (for me) weird aeroplane moments at first. the plane seating was like a cinema and i ended up sitting on a random seat where i could see the clouds through the huge sun-roof like windows that the plane had.

anyway, to the lucid part.

my wife, daughter and in-laws had decided to go out but i was tired so was staying in the town house. they'd been gone for 1 hour 40 minutes (so i remember thinking when they returned) but said that they'd been shopping in london airport. they'd brought back virgin cola and other gifts. i couldn't believe that they'd been there because we were in canada & there was no way they could have got there and back in the time. i was arguing this point with my wife then got a bit confused asking "we are in canada, right?" things weren't adding up but i was challenging them for a change instead of just accepting general dream weirdness.

my wife went into the kitchen to make tea, i followed her and continued to ask about this trip to london when i noticed my face reflected in the toaster. while i was talking, my reflection wasn't moving it's mouth. this shocked me, i commented then watched as my reflection started to move it's mouth but it was out of synch with my words. then i had my revelation: "i must be in a dream" i thought and immediately decided to try to fly.

i stepped backwards, the rest of the dream seemed to freeze, that is to say my wife didn't react at all to this. i took a few steps then lifted my feet up and continued to drift. this is how i usually fly in my dreams, i realise that i can just bob along without walking. the feeling is like riding a skateboard, i just coast.

next i went to the stairs, still floating and taking the occasional step. the stairs were 4 stories high and doubled back on themselves, i could see up to the top floor and so jumped and flew up to the top, did a summersault then came back down again, twisting through the air as i did. next i wanted to go outside but my dream reality started to try to take over, i didn't want to leave my daughter behind in the house while i took my wife for a flight and some airborne loving (this was my plan for lucidity). my wife started to undress but when she stepped outside, she decided to go for a swim in the moat that surrounded our house. my daughter wanted to swim too but my wife said that the weeds in the moat were too tangled so she got out again. i started to regain control of the dream, picked my wife up and flew (superman like) with her in my arms, we skimmed across a lake then back to the house and up to the roof. i don't remember more than this, i guess i lost it it that point.

not bad for a first go, at least i got to fly

this dream was after waking at around 6:30 then falling asleep again. oddly, the 6:30 awakening was dream related too. i was in the middle of a good dream (don't remember the details now) when i heard my daughter call out from her room next door for a drink of water. i called back that i'd get it. i lay in bed, awake for a few seconds then got up and put my head around the door to check with her that she'd just asked for water (and not breakfast). she was reading and looked puzzled, i assumed because she'd asked 5 seconds ago and i'd forgotten already. i took her water bottle to the bathroom to fill it up and she followed asking what i was going on about. it turns out that she hadn't asked at all. i'd dreamt the whole thing including my reply but had then woken up. we chuckled about it then i went back to sleep. this is pretty normal, she reads for at least 2 hours in the morning before waking us up demanding breakfast.

i don't know if this weird dream moment helped to trigger it all by making me aware of my dreaming, i do know that i remember having more dreams last night than i have remembered in a long time although the only details i remember are of the lucid dream.

yay for dream signs, i shall in future start looking in mirrors and check that they match what i'm doing. i've never yet rememberd in a dream to look at my watch twice but i'm pleased that i did my test of trying to fly and it worked! i do that fairly regularly in waking life so it seems to have carried over to my dreams. nice