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      thank you B6!!!!

      Had my first lucid dream this morning since... February (HOP HOP!!)

      Also, remembered (count' em) SIX(6!!) dreams this morning. This is WAY better than my "every-3rd-week-I-would-remember-hazy-bits-and-pieces from 1 little dream"

      I've been taking 200mg of B6 when I go to bed, along with 3mg Melatonin and 250mg Magnesium (to get me into sleep mode fast, magnesium is supposed to aid with Melatonin absorption)

      I also take a multi-vitamin mid-day just to make sure my brain is nice and healthy when I go to sleep.

      This morning was day 3 on this regimen. The first 2 days I had a lot more dreams but couldn't recall them. And this morning it was like BAM, instantly I started remembering my dreams, tons of details.
      Anyway.. so the dream...

      I was having a dream where I was in a living room that looked a lot like the living room of upstairs of some apartment building in my hometown. I was handling some dollar bills when I questioned if I was dreaming. Taking repeated glances at the faces on the bills confirmed it (It was like left half-face of a president, right half-face disfigured.)
      I got up and started walking around this unfamiliar house. Downstairs was all hardwood floor and there was a little foyer with a mirror / pictureframe with a painting in it. I guess the "task of the month" about making leaves fall off of the trees, and then putting them back on was fresh on my mind (as I had just read it before I went to bed), so after a couple of attempts I shattered the painting (I tried throwing invisible darts at it, but ended up succeeding by throwing an invisible 'energy ball' at it.) I then tried putting it back together with telekinesis, but it proved to be a little difficult(too many little pieces of glass! gotta work on my visualization skills!). I ended up just glancing away and then glancing back and fixed it(the painting also changed, it was a flowery-garden scene and it changed to a ship/scooner on water.)
      I then go into another, non-lucid dream.

      *Does a little happy dance*
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      you said in another post
      than you got lucid due to your RC. when you had read "numbers" in your dollar.
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      true, and its really the only RC i use. In that dream, I really only glanced at the faces of the prez and glanced away, glanced back, repeat. Same concept I guess.
      I guess I knew that my brain wouldn't keep the face of some president that I don't know in memory, ya know. Sorry if I was unclear, I was kinda type-happy and excited about getting it all down. I edited the post, thanks I definitely did my RC, just not with numbers/letters this time. I'm actually kind of intrigued. I bet a stranger's face would work too. Kinda hard to do IRL though hahah. Would probably seem a little weird :-/
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