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      Tushix's second LD

      I only wanted to post this one because I became lucid exactly how I wanted to :p The only part I will describe in detail will be becoming lucid :p

      I was going to go for a bike ride with my friend. We were getting out the bikes from my garage. I was going to get mine but I turned around to do something. when I looked back, the bike wasn't surrounded by junk anymore. I said to Matt (friend) "Hay! Wasn't there junk around it just before?"
      Matt responded with "noooo..."

      I wasn't convinced so I did a finger through palm RC and it worked kinda... It felt different to real life... When it failed I was like I thought I was dreaming. But then, I preceded with a nose breathing RC... AND IT WORKED!!!! I was really amazed at this, it was really fun to breath like that xD

      Then I did the normal, flying, failing at tricking, loling at weird things etc. :p

      I wanted to post this because I am happy that my being more aware has paid off

      The dream lasted ~20 mins. For some reason I never have to stabilize it :p The only time when I did spin to stabilize was when I purposfully lost control just so I could try it xD
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      hello! congrats! what do you mean bein aware? what have you been doin??

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      Hey, congratulations on your lucid dream! It feels incredible, doesn't it?

      I've never actually tried the breathing through a closed nose reality check. Yeah, sometimes it takes 2 or even 3 checks to find out that you're definately dreaming!


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