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      Went lucid THREE times the other night v. induced my first WILD during one of them

      The other night I had 3 lucid dreams. It was crazy. But beyond that, I had my first WILD. I have had sleep paralysis quite a few times before, but this time it was so crazy. I remember lying there and then I heard what sounded like a duffel bag unzipping. I thought, "I must be having sleep paralysis." Then it felt like something was stepping on my bed. I felt each, BIG, step. After that, it felt as if something kept pushing on my stomach, over and over. I remember being able to clench my hand (which was resting on my stomach) because the feeling was almost unbearable, and it felt like I grabbed someone's hand.

      SO TRIPPY! But I kept my eyes closed and just kept saying, "it's only paralysis." And eventually I saw a vivid image of an office of sorts. It was a still picture at first, but then it became a setting for which I was placed. REALLY COOL!

      The other two lucid dreams I had were me randomly doing a RC (holding my nose), and then becoming lucid. I even had a false awakening that night too. I find it really weird that I experienced so much in one night.

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      Wow, really cool! Now you know you can have an LD you can refine and practice different environments and really take control of them. You are just scratching the surface!
      I myself have been having LDs for ages now but only just realized there is a community for it.
      I seem to have WILDs more than any other type of LD. Can't wait to go to sleep tonight.


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