Just for a little preface, i live in a bigass frat house with like 10 other guys and we had a bum living in our shed up until this night. I had to clean his "home" out the day i had this dream.

Starts off i was drinking keg with my homies and i walk out the back door to see that we were having a rummage sale as well (which is retarded cuz we would never have one) And there was pieces of my artwork out on a table and the bum that was living in our shed was handling one of my pictures. I approached him apprehensively and asked if he would like to purchase it. Then the bum became immediately enraged and ripped up my picture!! This didnt fly with me so i chased him up the driveway to beat the shit out of this fuckin bum and as i approached the top of the parking lot, about 10 or so bums charged at me and the main bum punched me square in the mouth; shattering my teeth into a million pieces. Then a bunch of my frat brothers backed me up and there was a huge rumble between us and the homeless. Shanks were pulled out, individuals were stabbed....violently. After this i go upstairs to my balcony in my suite(we have no balcony) and the shattered remains of my teeth were floating about and thats when i realized that i was dreaming and became LUCIDDDD Upon this epiphany, i sucked all the remains of my teeth back into my mouth in a vicious reforming of features. And then my alarm went off. Shit was lame.

Lemme know if you can interpret this or if you have any feedback. LOoouuuUUUVvvee you