A few nights ago I had a lucid dream and for some reason I decided to try meditating in my dream. I don't often meditate in my waking life, unless you count something I do quite often where I just go to parks or forests and kind of sit there and look and listen to stuff around me. But anyway, in my dream I sit down and close my eyes and just focus on the sounds I was hearing, which was mostly the sound of some birds chirping. Within a few seconds, my mind quieted to a significant degree, and the sounds of the birds chirping took on a quality that reminded me of another experience I once had. This experience was one in which I was tripping on some exceptionally good LSD and I closed my eyes and lay down in some tall grass and listened to the sound of these crickets chirping all around me. Birds or crickets, the experience I had was that my mind and all of the usual mental dialogue that I am almost constantly experiencing quieted down, and beyond the sounds I was hearing I could almost sense the awareness itself that was the background of my entire experience. It felt as if the sounds of the birds/crickets were coming directly out of this awareness. This meditation only lasted about a minute or so, and then I unfortunately woke up. This is an experience that I would definitely like to replicate however, and explore further as I feel that I could have gone into it much deeper.

Have any of you had similar experiences? and if so, do tell